Used car warranty question.?

I am thinking of purchasing a used 2007 Hyundai that has 8,000 miles on it. Would I still be able to use the manufacturer's warranty? Or is that void after the original owner sells the car?

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    The 10 year, 100k warranty is only for the original owner. Your warranty will be the duration of the 5 year, 60k miles from original in service date. This is not always the same as the previous owners date of purchase because if the car was a demo, then the warranty started when the car went into demo service.

    You will need to call the service department and ask for an ISD, or In Service Date. You will have 5 years from that date. I hope this helps to clarify. Good Luck and you can email for assistance.

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    Here is the real answer specifically to Hyundai. As second owner you only have the remainder of the 5 yr 60,000 mile warranty that came originally from Hyundai. You will need to find out when the car was purchased originally to determine the start date because it will expire 5 yrs from that date or with 60,000 miles whichever occurs first. You can get that from a Carfax which the dealer will provide for you if asked. The 10yr 100,000 does not transfer under any circumstances to the second owner. If you are a high mileage driver (over 12000 per year) and you plan on keeping the car for any length of time, discuss their service contract options to cover you for more time and miles.

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    With the exception of Chrysler's new lifetime powertrain warranty, all new car warranties from the faxctory follow the car to the next purchaser. They still end at the regular time from the inservice date and the milage, meaning if it's a 36,000 mile warranty, you have 28,000 miles left.

    Service contracts and such do not follow the car, however, so if it's a used car, you have only the factory warranties.

    Chrysler is the only company I know off that doesn't allow transfer of their powetrain warranty to a new owner of the car.

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    You can get the detailed information on Hyundai's home page. Most warranties stays the same (Roadside assistance, emission, and etc) but, the 10 yr 100000 mile powertrain warranty does get cancelled and get switched to a 5 yr 60000 mile warranty.

    If your buying this car from a dealer, they also can provide you with different warranty coverage for extra charge.

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    just about all warranties bought, notwithstanding if for used or new automobiles, are pointless. a extensive share of the cost is for commissions for the human beings who bought them to you, and the dealership, from which you acquire the automobile. yet, in simple terms considering which you have a production facility guarantee, there are some issues that the prolonged guarantee will cover that the production facility guarantee would not. production facility warranties commonly cover the stress practice, and not lots else, on a similar time as the prolonged guarantee could cover products inclusive of window autos, electric powered problems, and so on. there's no fraud right here, the broking in simple terms bought you a guaranty (this is presented to all human beings now-a-days), and you obtain it. customers remorseful approximately would not equivalent broking fraud. make the particularly some the guaranty, and turn it down the subsequent time it incredibly is presented. solid success to you.

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    Some manufacturers do allow the warranty to be transferred. When in doubt, ask the dealer or manufacturer directly. Good luck.

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