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What are some good acting agencies for tweens/teens in California?

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    Did I say NO?

    Do NOT go to John Robert Powers. They are not an agency and they will ask you for TONS of money and it will get you NOWHERE except broke.

    Before you go looking for an agent, if you're under age you absolutely need to have the full support of your family because they not only need to sign off on your contracts and be your advocate (be fully aware of all child labor laws and help uphold them while you're on set) but they need to drive you to all your auditions and stay on set with you at all times or hire someone to be there with you).

    The next thing you need is training. If you're not already, you need to get into classes ASAP. Acting classes, voice lessons and dance classes. Then you need to get involved in theatre. Get a few roles on your resume then start trying for some student films and independents (info to follow). Most agents will not consider you unless you have training and credits.

    If you want to find a legitimate agent to represent you for commercials, TV & film go to Use the dropdown menu on the right labeled 'resources' and choose 'agent information'. On the next screen, on the left choose 'Find a SAG franchised agent' and follow the directions. You can look up agents all over the US, but there are higher concentrations where the work is (Los Angeles, NY, IL, FL, GA etc.). Another great resource is Ross Reports especially because they update their info so often but not all of the agents they list are SAG and you have to pay for the list. That doesn’t mean they’re not legit, but that’s why I always tell people to start with the SAG list. It’s free and those agents have signed an agreement to put the actor first! If you subscribe to you can get a combo subscription which can come in handy but can also get quite expensive.

    Then you can send the agencies your headshot, resume, and a cover letter stating that you are seeking representation and wait to see if they call you in for an interview. You never call the agencies directly. That is a big no-no! At least it is in LA. Please remember that reputable agents take exactly 10% of your pay AFTER they help you get a job. Not one cent more and not one cent before. Anything else is a scam. This is strictly for talent agents, not modeling agents or talent managers who take different percentages.

    Once you have an agent, they will get you the auditions, but until then you can check out You can also see if your state has a film alliance / commission / society or whatever your state calls theirs (some have more than one). Sometimes they post audition information for projects filming locally. For theatre (and other auditions on backstage), you can go to or (click on casting call) If you find the audition on the Equity site, you still may be able to go, as long as their not taking appointments from equity actor's only :-) On you have to pay to get all of the info, but the initial search is free and you may be able to see enough info to find out the rest on your own without paying.

    Also, being in LA you can check out this resource: - click on actors, then check out all the resources!

    Those listed did have to pay to be listed, so have your parents check out anyone you're considering using thoroughly first.

    If this all seems intimidating and you want to get a taste of what it's like on a set before making all these big commitments, why not give extra work a try first?

    good lucK!

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    You may need to certainly look for an agent versus an agency. Additionally, register with critical Casting, you are going to get the opportunity to be a paid further in film & television (also leads to possibilities for a SAG card) Do you may have a portfolio yet? IF no longer to find an up and coming photographer to do a TF picture shoot with you (TF approach alternate. You share the portraits and noone gets paid. The most original is TFCD exchange for cd of graphics) Be as typical as viable. ***units aren't the one ones with portfolios. Actors do print commercials, actors do commercials. There will be many places with a purpose to charge you a tremendous sum to do what the website I recommended can support you do without spending a dime.

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    idk about that but start out with acting lessons, John Robert Powers is the best. From that they will tell you he best agent for you. "Oh and its in LA

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