World of Warcraft Question - "Uninstall.xml" could not be read.?

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I posted another question on this topic a week ago and I am still having trouble deciding on what to do. I really want to unintstall my world of warcraft, but when I press on the more
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Yes the un-uninstallable game. I have seen this problem in myself and on Yahoo Answers before. Open the auto run menu of your game. Usually you can just pop the C.D. in and then wait for this menu to pop up. Next on this menu there should be an option that goes somwhere along the lines of "Fix, or "Reapair."
Select that option and it will fix all the corrupted files in the game, such as your install file that is apparently acting up.
After it says the process of fixing it is done go to where you un installed it from in past attempts and it should now uninstall.
If you have more questions email me at
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  • fw f answered 7 years ago
    God must want you to keep playing.
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