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Buying Disney Tickets???

I have read several different opinions on this and I was wondering some of yours. What is the best way to buy tickets? To purchase a package from Disney or to pay for the resort(a disney resort) and the tickets seperately.

Also the dining plan... is it worth it? I know that you can eat at places you normally wouldn't but could you save money by budgeting on your own?

Thanks in advance.

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    Whether or not to get the package just depends if you like to have everything all together or do things seperately. Most people think going seperate will save money, which in the beginning it usually does save you a little bit of money. However, once Disney offers discount codes, the package is the way to go, you will save a lot more. Plus, you will get some extras in your package and also have the option to get the dining plan and things.

    I definitely think that the dining plan is worth getting and I would really try to get it before next year. They change the plan a lot for next year and it won't be as much as a savings as it is this year.

    Is it worth it? Absolutely. The dining plan is a great deal and saves most people 40% or more on their dining. I'm not sure of your children's ages, if they are 10 and up the price of the dining may be a little high for you, but you should still save money. If your kids are under 10 they are only paying $11 a day.

    On the dining plan, if you use it properly, you will be able to eat at some of the nicest restuarants at Disney and get a ton of food at each place. The only thing that isn't included is alcohol. When I use the plan I usually spend more than the cost of my plan just on my table-service meal, meaning my counter-service and snack are all free for the day, plus I save a little on my main meal and the 19% tip is included.

    I could go on and on about the dining plan. It is the first plan Disney has offerred that is affordable to most everyone and is well worth it. I never go without the dining plan, I like it a lot.

    You can go to Disney and spend less money on dining, but you won't be able to get nearly as nice of meals as you can on the plan. If you want to eat mainly hamburgers, hot dogs and chicken nuggets, you won't spend as much on your food (except for kids) but you will almost pay as much as you would for the dining plan and the meals aren't nearly as nice. If you want to eat at any nice restaurants, the dining plan is the way to go. Saving money on food requires you to easy mostly counter service meals, bring your own snacks and even make some food or go outside of the park, I prefer to relax on my vacation, so I don't want to have to run all over the place to get dinner and such.

    I've included a link to one of the best sites I have found so far in regards to the dining plan. A lot of info and it helps you plan out your meals a little better. As well as a site that offers lots of great info on dining, and Disney in general.

    Please e-mail me if you have questions, I go to Disney all the time and I love to help!

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    Go to They have AWESOME packages to Disney. I went last year for 7 days in a Disney Resort, we paid 400 a person and that included 7 nights in the hotel and 6 days at parks. You can't beat that!

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    Not only can you purchase whatever type of ticket you want at the gate, you can also purchase a basic one park one day ticket at the gate and then upgrade it once you get inside. For Disneyland in Anaheim, California, after you enter the main gate and go under the train, you come to one of the circles at the end of Main Street. Go to your right where the bank is and you can upgrade your ticket there. It is the same place you have your picture taken if you purchase an annual pass. Similar places for upgrading and annual passes are located in the other Disney parks.

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    well i started long time ago to travel to Disney many many times, first dont dont make u reservation in Expedia, they give you the worst of the worst hotels and rooms -ghetto style-

    dont make reservation in strange houses, they give you a trailers homes- and if u r not in a budget dont make the hotel with Disney, the budget hotels are like the others nothing special. For budget travelers make the reservation in Grosvenor Place but in the home page. But if u r in super budget style go to the Budget Disney Hotels sport, music. the food is cheaper and is ok. Otherwise for dining there is a tons of places very cheap but get early for the line and bring the coupons. The best way to buy tickets with discount is go to Wall Mart in Kissimee -the best prices around- But if you want to save more rent a home with u large group in Kissimee area close to Wall mart, rent only if the owner is English dont rent far away the traffic is terrible .

    If u r not in a budget go to the Hilton Hotel in Downtown Disney excellent for the price. Dont rent a car is better if you go driving but depend f where are you from i save driving straight 14 hours for family of 4. But if u go to the Disney resorts u dont need to rent a car they have Disney buses 16/7 a day around all the parks, very easy.

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    I believe a package is the way to go. Disney can get expensive on it's own.

    I did it on my own and the next time I go I am going to do a package. That is for next year.

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    go to i did a weeklong vacation through that site and it was pretty inexpensive. stay at a disney resort, you dont need a rental car(they have shuttles to EVERY part of the place) and I really don't know that I would do the meal thing.

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