What date did France start using Euros? and can you still exchange existing French franc notes?

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    There was a two stage process - accounting procedures in France changed to EUR in 1999 and the currency was introduced to full replace the Franc in 2002. There is now only ONE way left to exchange Franc notes (not coins) into Euros. This is valid until 2012. However paying registered post and with a postage charge on the return means that the cost may be quite significant.

    Any customer with old French banknotes may:

    - send his French banknotes before 17/02/2012 for current series of banknotes by registered mail to : Banque de France, Caisse Générale, Service 18, 10 Boulevard Duclaux, 63407 Chamalières Cedex - France to exchange against euro baknotes if the amount is less than up to 5000EUR.

    The amount will be rounded at the lower 5EUR unit and a postal fee may be charged according to the amount and to the destination country.

    Coins are not allowed.

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    you can find information about this on the "banque de france" website . i'm afraid this site is written in french .

    use the second link to see the page .

    we used euro notes since january 2002 but companies could begin a euro accounting since 1999. (that gave work to informatic system conceptors during 3 years !! )

    there is one "banque de France " per what we call "département" (géographic division of France)

    if you travel to france you might find opening hours and adresses of banque de france on the website of "banque-de-france" . (you will have to show your Passeport or any identity paper with photo )

    this is a list of still exchangeable notes .

    Date de fin d'échange Dénomination du billet

    Billet de 500 francs « Pascal » : fin d'échange le 28 février 2007 (ENDED)

    31 mars 2008 200F Montesquieu

    31 Janvier 2009 100F Delacroix (still 1.5 year )

    17 février 2012 (still 5 years)

    500F Pierre et Marie Curie

    200F Gustave Eiffel

    100F Cézanne

    50F Saint Exupery

    20F Debussy

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    France started using Euros, like the other ten original members of the Euro-zone, on 1st January 2002. You can exchange banknotes until 17th February 2012.

    Contrary to the previous answer, there is no time limit on exchanging German banknotes.

    The only catch is that this service is provided by the national central bank, so you may find it slightly inconvenient to make the exchange.

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    All I can tell you there was a cutoff date for German marks to be traded for Euros. You should verify the franc notes are still worth any exchange.

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  • Jody W
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    1 decade ago

    over the new year in 2001/2 I think, and I think the time to exchange francs might be over as it's been more than a year

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    We start using euros since 2001 and you can't exchange since 2002 !!

  • lukee
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    You cant exchange francs for euros in shops but you can at the Banque de France - see http://www.banque-france.fr/gb/instit/billets/page...

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