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kitty asked in 電腦及互聯網軟體 · 1 decade ago

開唔到機 (note book)

噚晚閂機時都好地地, 咩問題都無.

但今朝開機, 去到問 F2 set up F8 boot from network, 就 hang 咗. 平時幾秒就開始行windows.

試過一開機, 未有畫面就狂按 F2, 咁就彈出 entering setup... 又hang.

再試, 一開機就按 esc , 跟住彈咗去 dos, show 咗部機d hardware details, all pass, then hang again

又試, 今次 F1-12, 各按一吓 (都唔知邊吓中), 彈咗去 dos, show 咗部機d hardware details, all pass, 左下角 entering setup .... 又死咗.

點算呀!!!!????? 我有用 firewall, AVG anti-virus (日日都有scan), AVG anti-spyware


windows 畫面都未見到.

Update 2:

windows xp

Update 3:

跟機隻 recovery disk 都試過, 入碟 load 咗一陣就停咗.

Update 4:

1. since it become a desktop, the battery was removed.

2. harddisk info is appears. and checked the system ram and cache sram, both are passed. (that why i guess it the software problem)


thx a lot

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  • 1 decade ago
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    sorry to hear about that.....

    it is likely to be a hardware problem either CPU, RAM, HDD

    please check the followings:-

    1. make sure you have your notebook with AC power on and battery removed

    if your PC can run again, then it is battery problem (too old and need to be replaced)

    2. please check on the Black/White screen (we call it BIOS screen), if the harddisk info appears

    if NOT, then it is the harddisk failure and cannot be detected. then need to replace harddisk

    3. please try to borrow notebook memory (RAM) from friends and try it on your notebook (by removing the old ones and plug in your friends RAM)

    if your PC can run again, then it is your RAM problem (need to buy new ones)

    in fact, there are programs to test MEMORY and HARDDISK without using Windows.

    please try to download the MEMTEST+ and HDD GENERATOR and make them onto a bootable CD-ROM

    run them to test your RAM and HDD out.

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