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    Theme: Oguma's house

    Circumstances of Oguma's home are very abundant. However, Oguma in his house is a house in Oguma at all at home.

    I do not like to feel that On god is not felt drinking. They have already said to Oguma's parents it the best for Oguma that they will give everything. However,Oguma is not happy. Neither happiness nor warmth is felt by me. Oguma cannot like this house that is abundant tremendously.

    A certain day. A small leopard frog goes to play in Oguma's house.

    A small leopard frog discovered Oguma not to be happy. Though Oguma's house wealth is discovered and there is no happy, warm feeling. After a small leopard frog and Oguma have chatted. It knew Oguma was going to like houses to which I was abundant why.

    A small leopard frog says to Oguma: The purpose is for your parents to nothing but fill the demand for your material. There cannot be what time attends it with your surroundings. The house is laughter when angry to run short. I thought that your parents were you of cherishing of the filling of your material enjoyment. I think that you speak your parents for a moment with your idea. It teaches to parents clearly. You hope only parents attend it as well as other people.

    Then,A small leopard frog explains the expectation in Oguma's mind not happy with parents of Oguma's bronze statue of one person. Slowly. Oguma's parents can fruitlessly accompany it by moving everything every day about Oguma. Oguma starts happiness and the enjoyment being felt. A lonely house starts, too and there is laughter. Now. Oguma had the happiest, happy house.


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