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1.On the first day of the school sd to

3.take pictures of/with

4.No wonder+子句

5.told each other

6.not go anywhere

7.not ~ at all lots of things for

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    .On the first day of the school, I met my older friend from elementary school.

    2. My father drives me to school yesterday morning

    3. One friend of mine took picture of my puppy and me.

    4.No wonder she didn't get good grade for English exam because she did not study hard.

    5. My English teacher told each other to take care for the field trip.

    6. I did not go anywhere during summer vacation

    7. She did not do her homework at all this summer vacation

    8. I did lots of things for my younger sister this morning.

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    1.On the first day of the school

    On the first day of the school, I get acquainted with many friends. sd to

    My father drives me to the park.

    3.take pictures of/with

    I want to take pictures with the superstar.

    4.No wonder+子句

    No wonder you are so heavy. You eat a lot.

    5.told each other

    I told each other about the big secret.

    6.not go anywhere

    I don't go anywhere because I am sick.

    7.not ~ at all

    I don't like her at all. lots of things for

    I do lost of things for my sister.

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