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how do i get deep 360 waves?

how do i get my waves like the person on this youtube link

i want mines exactly like how do i get them?

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    He looks like he has a nice grade of hair.

    Ok let's get started.

    Go to the barber shop and get your hair cut low.

    Buy the wave grease a wave cap and a good natural bristle brush. The stiffer the better.

    Apply the wave grease to your hair and message it in.

    Then apply a little water to your brush and shake off excess.

    Start from the top of your head and brush forward. The sides are done at an angle and then do the back brush downwards.

    Do this a few times. Go around your head at least three times.

    Then place the wave cap on your head. Then later on that day remove your wave cap and repeat the process over. Your going to do this at least three times a day.

    or go to

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    this what you do

    1. get your hair cut and tell him to cut it with the grain

    2. you dont need wave grease just get a brush and brush a whoooooole lot

    3. wet hair

    4. apply moisterizer like carrot creme or pink lotion and brush and repeat process

    5. to get the deep waves you wolf wich means grow your hair while brushing alot until it gets unmangeable you can do this however many times you wants and condition your hair alot and brush while in shower as you can see

    the key is to brush some ppl brush up to 5 hours a day

    join and we will help you alot more

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