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Fear of flying & terroism. I am going to be flying in less than a week and the thought of it makes me ill.?

I was never scared before 9/11. But after that and the birth of my son I am scared to death. I don't feel in control of the plane or situation, and I don't feel that I can truly protect my son if something was to happen on the plane. I wish I didn't feel this way. But I hate flying but I have to do so. I try to think postive, once the plane is in the air, I am ok. And I love landing. Cause that means the ride is over...though someone has told me that is when the most accidents can occur. Someone please give me some advice!!


Joe B~ Where were you flying to and what airline???

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    Your chances of being involved in an aircraft accident are about 1 in 11 million. On the other hand, your chances of being killed in an automobile accident are 1 in 5000. Statistically, you are at far greater risk driving to the airport than getting on an airplane. However, the perception is that you have more control over your fate when you are in your car than as a passenger traveling on an airplane. Experience shows otherwise, considering that over 50,000 people are killed on the highways every year. Media coverage would suggest that airline crashes happen every day. Studies have shown one would have to fly once a day every day for over 15,000 years in order to statistically be involved in an aircraft accident"

    Flying is very very safe. Don’t worry about terrorists that is the least likely thing to go wrong on a commercial flight in the US these days. Flying in the United States is very safe, there has not been a major airline crash in the US since November of 2001! That is a long time for no major crashes and only on fatality in the last seven years for the Major Airlines in the US.

    Even when there is a problem on an airplane, if an engine fails on takeoff or an engine fire etc.. 99% of the time the plane lands safely. Planes these days are amazing piece of technology and the pilots are trained better than ever. If you not afraid to drive in a car you should not be afraid to fly in a plane.

    Just sit back relax and try to enjoy the flight. Its one of the safest things you can do much safer than driving a car, walking down the street, or even sleeping in your house. More people have died on North American highways in the year 2006 than the amount of people who have died in powered flight aviation whole 104 year history!

    Also the best way to completely get over your fears is go to you local General aviation airport and take flying lessons! Once you fly in a small airplane a few times and learn that airplanes fly and that’s all they do you will be much more confident with flying on commercial planes. You will learn a lot with a few flying lessons. I could even teach you a lot by just showing you my Microsoft Flight Simulator. Flying is a great experience, once you get used to it and learn what makes airplanes fly etc.. your fears go away trust me, I used to be a little bit scared to fly too. Now I LOVE it.

    Just remember this, your not afraid to drive in a car are you? Well think about this. Cars are made to crash wells planes are not. Why? Because cars crash and planes don’t, they just like to fly.

    Source(s): Terroism is not something you should really be worried about. Security really is pretty good now.
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    Sweetie, you (and your son) are safer in an airplane than you are driving to the airport! Millions of passengers travel each and every day all around the globe - very few end up on the news. Flight crews are trained professionals in every aspect, even more so since 9/11. Check your fears with your baggage and enjoy your trip - you can open the world to your son by your example! From a 21 year flight attendant and daughter of an airline employee...

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    Good luck. I flew last week and had the WORST turbulance ive ever experienced. I was asleep and all of the sudden the plane just started slamming back and forth, at one point we did a 90 degree rotation and were basicly on our sides. Even the flight attendants were sure we were going down. Luckily we made it through, but another guy on the plane said these types of violent tubulances are getting more frequent, this is the 3rd time in less than a year he said, and he flies on a daily basis.

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    there is more of a chance that you will get in a car accident on the way to the airport rather than an accident during a plane ride.

    how many planes have been blown up or crashed on landing/takeoff with all of people/everyone dead, in the past year?

    if it exceeds 10 then don't go on the flight(it wont so dont worry!!!)

    btw: the worse that you will probably endure might be something like your ear popping or a really bad inflight movie or someone abnoxious sitting next to you.

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    Well first of all- depends on your flight

    terrorists only like long flights, well according to 9/11, because they have loads of gas and tend to be larger sized planes

    air marshalls are on most planes nowadays and cockpit doars are heavily reinforced

    Dont be scared- the threat isnt there in the air on average flights

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    considering i've got not got fears of flying, not something. If i've got been u, nevertheless, i might honestly get on the airplane to attempt to overcome my worry. With each and every of the BS taking place in planes immediately, i don't blame you for being scared, although, flying which incorporate your loved ones and not on my own, could be of plenty help to u

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    you shouldn't worry about anything, last few times I traveld, I really did not expect so much checking for bombs guns and other weapons, Before 9/11 they did not check so well for things like this (they did not expect anything like what happend), and sometimes there is an undercover security guard (sometimes) on the plane.

    I wish you and your baby a nice trip.

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    sorry, but you are never in control of the plane and likely will be unable to control any situation that may arise on the plane.

    it's sad, but that's the world that we must deal with on a daily basis. I like to just hope for the best. If it happens it happens, and I just hope it goes quick

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    Before I flew a lot, I used to HATE it. So, before flights, I would have a few drinks. Not enough to inebriate me completely, but enough to loosen my jangled nerves. Not sure if that will be a useful suggestion with your son in tow, but it's one of the best I've got. :)

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    I'm a pilot for American...i see some wll strange things. don't be afraid of terrorists. that's what they want so bad is for you to be afraid. don't be. enjoy the flight look out the window relax! have fun

    Source(s): AA pilot
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