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How is my fantasy football team?

QB: 1: Drew Brees 2: Matt Schaub

WR: Javon Walker, Calvin Johnson, Brandon Marshall, Backups: Jerricho Cotchery, Devery Henderson, Ronald Curry

RB: Joseph Addai, Travis Henry, Backups: Julius Jones, Fred Taylor

TE: Chris Cooley

K: Robbie Could

DEF: Denver

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    Great running backs. Addai and Henry are a great combination. Walker and Brees are also great picks that you will produce great stats.

    After that, the team is average. C. Johnson is going to be average. He'll be better than the average rookie, but I doubt any better than L. Coles stats. Brandon Marshall is not a fantasy starter (I know you are a Bronco fan and want to start Javon, Henry, and Marshall, but you shouldn't start him...at least not right away...I'm a Bronco fan too, but I don't sacrifice my fantasy success for my team loyalty...start the best you have, not who you like the most). Marshall has been hurt (again) and Stokley has been very impressive in training camp. If nothing else, Stokley and Marshall will split the catches during the season meaning less fantasy points for both. Cotchery and Henderson are great #3 recievers and will both produce good stats. Cotchery is higher on my list and gets just as many catches as Coles. Henderson will be sharing more time with other players (Meachem), and might not get the yards, but he is still a good for some TDs.

    Cooley is an average TE, which is okay, but don't expect much.

    Your backup RBs are good, but I don't see you starting either of them over your amazing RBs.

    Your backup QB is below average...was there no one else? I know you still have respect for Kubiak, but unless Kubiak starts blocking, I don't think any QB can really have that much success.

    DEF - Denver's defense is always good when it comes to low yardage, but they are not usually the big fantasy producers. They haven't been good at getting to the QB (I have high hopes for this year...I love Moss, Thomas, Adams, and Crowder...and Elvis Dumervil-he's amazing) and before last year, they struggled at getting turnovers (last year, they were good though). I hope the Denver defense can continue to get turnovers and hope they can improve their sacks (and hurries), but I won't depend on it. Drop Curry (do you need 3 bench WRs?) for a 2nd defense and play the matchup game (whichever defense has the better matchup).

    Overall, you top 4 players will carry this team over .500, but any type of injury or below expection play and your done. If Addai and Henry play to their full potential, you should finish in the top 2, but odds are you will be an above average team trying to stay up with the LTs, Jacksons, and Gore's teams.

    I rate you 7 out of 10.

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    Honestly your team sucks.

    Drees should have a monster season, but Schaub isn't worth having on your team. He's never won a game as a starter and Houston still won't have an o-line so he'll be spending half the game on his butt. Alex Smith should be someone to pick up instead, its entirely possible he's still around and he should have a really good season as the SF offense will light up the scoreboard this season.

    Walker should be a great receiver, Johnson has the potential to be great, but you've got NO receivers after that. I would doubt that Marshall, Cotchery, Henderson and Curry combine to put up the numbers that Walker will put up this season.

    I'm skeptical about your Rb's as well. Addai has never really been a full-time back in the NFL, I'm not sold he's going to have the season everyone thinks he'll have and Henry hasn't been a good fantasy back in years. Jones would be great but Barber gets the goal line carries, so Jones won't spend much time in the endzone, and Taylor has lost a lot of playing time to Jones-Drew, so don't expect anything out of him.

    Cooley will be an average tight end, but I would go with Greg Olsen, he should see a lot of playing time in Chicago.

    Gould is a top notch kicker, and Denver's D should be fine.

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    You have potential....lot of upside, but some downside too....

    Brees should be an animal down in NO, he's solid.

    I'm not sold on Addai yet, he was splitting carries and coming in as a change of pace back for Rhodes last year, and we need to see how the Colts will use him this year. I think he's getting a lot of hype just because he's the Colts RB and he's not platooned, so everyone expects him to be Edgerrin James now.

    I like Henry if he's the feature back in Denver, but with Shanahan you can never tell.

    Did you not draft a WR till like the 5th round? Calvin Johnson is good in a keeper league, but I dont know if he'll be the monster they're predicting. After all, Detroit's first-round receivers the last few years havent all gone on to sparkling rookie seasons. Plus its the Lions, you have Jon Kitna throwing the deep balls, and he was 21/22 TD/INT last year...dont know if there will be enough TD passes to go around up in motor city this year, with Chi and Min both fielding tough defenses and GB possibly playing wildcard level football....the rest of your WRs are tier 2 at best

    Cooley's always good, he pulled my butt out of the fire last year with a 2 TD game right when I needed it :)

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    QB - Drew Brees RB - Adrian Peterson RB - Stephen Jackson WR - Larry Fitzgerald TE - Tony Gonzalez protection - new york Giants Bench participant - Andre Johnson Bench participant - Tom Brady

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    honestly im really not impressed. qb is good. cj might be good. i think some of your backups will be better than marshall. henry hasnt proven himself in a while. addai is in his first season as a feature back. good back ups. rest of team is descent. maybe try to trade taylor and a wr for an upgrade at wr.

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    pretty good. 8.5/10 needs a little bit more offensive proffiency

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