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Can insects think ?

Can insects think ?

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    I'm very interested in the field of entomology (study of insects). Lots of people think insects are just annoying pests that have one goal: disturbing and grossing us out. But I, and other entomologists probably, think differently. Insects actually live by the code of instinct and phermones.They do what they do cause that's what they know they have to do. It's like a little baby that has to poop, the baby knows he has to poop to survive...and not get constipation. Also, phermones play a big role in the life of insects. Phermones help ants identify other ants, help caterpillars know when to coccoon themselves, and help fireflies get a lover.

    But what does this have to do with thinking? I don't know. I mean, humans may be smart, but they don't know everything. In my opinion, I believe that insects do think. Just like sharks and kangaroos and homosapiens, they build relationships with one another and learn to live.

    But who knows...Maybe they do, maybe they don't. It's just another mystery to life...

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    If I am remembering my Biology correctly, the short answer is no. Whilst insects do have nerves, ganglia and what might be considered brains, scientists seem to agree somewhat that they don't feel pain like us. On the brighter side, your compassion for life is admirable. The bible tells us our original parents were explicitly told to take care of all life on this planet. The creator surely smiled at your thoughtfullness. It was after all his butterfly and flower!

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    I dont know if they can think or not, but when im in my pool i "rescue" hundereds of bugs a day. Started cuz i didnt want them in my filter but later cuz i felt bad for them, especially the honey bees that have been declining in number, but the shocking thing is that i can rescue them by hand and gently sit them on the edge to dry off and they dont try to sting me. Some have even dried out an come over to land on my arm as i read and walk laps.seems odd that the dont sting or fear me.. idk they may just have instinct telling them im "safe" but idk..always will wonder i guess.

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    Most definitely...a great example would be the ant. Such a small organism yet extremly organized and efficient.

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    Sure. If we can, they can too. Their brain might be puny but they can think and function well enough.

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    no they cant think there bugs.

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    better they have a brain?

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