Toronto, Ontario, Canada?

What kind of stores are there? Whats it like?

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    1 decade ago
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    Toronto is a little bigger then atlanta. It is right on Lake ontario so there is lots of sailing and boating in the summer. Winters are cold, summers are hot and spring and fall are just right. It is a very multicultural city, almost half the residence of toronto were not born in Canada. It is the fianancial capital of canada, like new york is to the states, so whereas you have wall street in new york and the new york stock exchange, we have Bay street in toronto and the toronto stock exchange. Stores in Canada are both the same and different. We have walmarts, home depot, sears, GAP, but we don't have target, abercrombie, or any of your other department stores like nordstrom

    PS Don't pay any attention to these idiots who give you a hard time with your questions about canada, they complain that americans don't know enough about canada and then when an american actually wants to know stuff about canada they become smart mouths.

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    Great city....lots to see and do all year. Very cosmopolitan. Why not do a search on Eaton Centre or Yorkdale Mall - you'll have an idea of the stores that are here.

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    Let me guess. You're an american right?

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