Is Love's Wood Pit BarBQ restaurant still around?

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I recently saw an abandoned lot with the "Loves BBQ"sign still standing off the 22 fwy in Orange/Garden Grove,Ca.
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I was so sad the first time I drove by the West L.A./Pico one and it had turned into a car dealership...
We used to go there all the time in college- and have prime rib- my roommate would order fries for all 3 sides... so the waitress remembered him and would call him "fries, fries and fries"

aw... and my grandpa used to take us there when I was a kid too- a different location (musta been in the valley)

you're making me sad- I used to love that place.

Hmmm- it still has a website:

although it only says Jakarta, Indonesia if you go to "Locations".. I wonder what happened?

I just found about the Chula Vista location
it closed as of 7/31/07

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Your answer brings chills to me because it relates to my past as well,ty
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  • Constipated CON. answered 7 years ago
    i believe they closed down some years back, the one in the San Gabriel valley has been gone for maybe 5-10 years.
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  • yellrbird answered 7 years ago
    When your in "Love's" the Whole World's Delicious!

    I do not believe they are still around, but I miss them too.
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  • CeeJiZZy answered 7 years ago
    I love Love's Wood Pit Barbecue. That was my first job as a hostess, 10 years ago when I was in high school. They have the best ribs and barbecue! From what I know, the only one left in LA is in Lakewood. They do have one in Chula Vista (San Diego County) and to my surprise, Indonesia.


    Used to work at Love's
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  • Haleiwa girl answered 7 years ago
    Oh gosh....I don't have the answer but I was really little, living on Balboa Island and I can still remember the taste of the beans and the outside of the ham....frankly honey baked doesn't have anything on them. Thanks for th wonderful memory!! Aloha
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  • LaraLara answered 7 years ago
    Wow! That goes waaayyyy back! I even remember the slogan/song. The web shows two; one in Chula Vista and another in San Diego. The url doesn't work for Chula Vista, though.

    I hope you find one.
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