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Whatever happened to the rich girls?

sounds a totally random question but whatever happened to ally hilfiger and jaime gleicher from mtv's rich girls?

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    after the show ally went to rehab and Jamie went to collage, i read somewhere that ally went to rehab again in 2006.

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    I don't know exactly what the truth is for the whole of the UK, but the impression I'm left with is that porn has gone mainstream with youth, and this drives an image expectation of what people should look like when naked. I'll be a little naughty and share a few shower room observations: most guys who are 30+ wear their pubic hair wild & free, as nature intended. A majority of guys under 30 have tightly trimmed pubic hair, or none at all. I'd like to map the same general rules onto girls, although obviously I can't back this up with evidence, for reasons of privacy - i.e I'd get arrested as a perv if I hung around changing rooms. Porn started it, fashion continues the trend, everyone's making money from hair removal and waxing, no reason to stop brainwashing the youth into believing that body hair is somehow unwanted and dirty. I'm with Kevin Sorbo on this. When asked if he was going to wax for the role of Hercules, he simply replied - do you want a man or a boy for the role?

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    They Dunno.

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