Modern Mexico's ethnic makeup?

All of the Americas started as being populated only with Native Americans. Then, Europeans came, declared the Americas theirs, and started bringing people in.

In the United States, Native Americans are a minority. A big percentage of Americans are of German, English, and French background.

How is it in Mexico? Is the majority of Spanish descent? Or are most of them descended from Native Americans? (i.e. Mayas, Aztecs, etc.) Basically, is the racial makeup them same as the United States?


P.S. I'm not racist. Just curious.

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    Well in Mexico we are of many flavors, hahaha, we are mixed, most of us are combinations of European (Spanish) and Indigenous, we are called Mestizos, Pure Indigenous are a minority unfortunately and they suffer discrimination. That is why for example I have dark skin and dark eyes but I have cousins with fair skin and light eyes, my great grand mother had blue eyes and dark skin, my aunt is dark skin and beautiful grey eyes. My dad has honey eyes. We are mixed we are in many colors and sizes.

    There exist communities of white people but are minority as well because they begun to mix as well with mestizos.

    Mexico had as well immigration from China during the 30´s my best friend has Chinese background, but the same is mixed, cos her grandfather married a mestizo woman, so unless she tells you, you will know she has Chinese blood.

    In the coast, for example in Veracruz, there were black communities, but the same they mixed with indigenous and mestizos and you can see that there are some black background. In fact in my family we think we have black background but we haven't prove it.

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    I actually believe we came and killed/moved all the Indians in the USA... but in Mexico they just came and slaughtered/had sex with them. That's what Mexicans are. Mexican Indians... because you seem to have your Mexican Indians who are stalky and small, then your Spaniard Mexicans, who are taller. Then you even get into your normal Spaniards who are pretty pale... lol.

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    It's as diverse as the cultural milieu in our nation.

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    I think Mexicans use cactus juice and chili beans as make-up.

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