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NFL Hall of Fame standards?

Should off field actions be considered when electing new members into the Pro Football Hall of Fame?

I say most definitely.

Michael Irvin had OK numbers as a WR. Certainly not as good as others who are not in the HOF. That being said his off fields troubles should have removed him from any consideration in the HOF. His induction is an insult to all current members of the HOF.


dan k

You are trying to equate an NFL player with a normal working person? First of all If I got a DUI I could be fired from my job. Secondly, we are not paid millions of dollars with the understanding that we represent our team, the league, and city we play in. And finally, I never said Irvin wasn't a good WR, he was, but HOF? I think not. There are other WR with far better numbers that are not in the HOF. The difference? They didn't not play on 3 SB winning teams. But isn't the HOF a personal honor not a team one? Irvins numbers are marginal, his conduct should have excluded him from the HOF. And there are others.

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    Should you be held accountable for you actions at home at your job?...no so if you get a DUI or cheat on you wife or whatever in your private life. you should be punished at work....what is this Iraq, this is the USA. these people are put in the spotlight by us and are under a microscope for everything they say and do.would you like reporters and 1000's of other people crawling up yer **** everyday looking for a reason to bring you down.....i think not. they wild find something you do not want other to know about,or they will catch you saying something that didn't come out right and twist it into whatever they want. Welcome of the left media.

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    I strongly disagree that off the field actions should be considered. The Pro Football Hall of Fame is for people who did great in the NFL on the field only. Also Michael Irvin was a great wide receiver and I'm not even a Cowboys fan. I mean c'mon think about it. Should we remove O.J. from the Hall of Fame because he is a killer? Absolutely not because O.J. was one of the greatest running backs to ever live. Who cares if he is a killer and who cares what Michael Irvin did off the field his NFL accomplishments cannot be discounted.

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    The NFL HOF has some issues for sure. Defense is as big a part of the game as offense, but there are probably 7 times more offensive players in the Hall than defensive players.

    Hey HOF, let's honor some of these guys too!

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    I also disagree, stats arent everything you know. HOF is about your on field acomplishments not what you did off the field. Irvin had a couple superbowl rings. Gale sayers got in the HOF and he had less the 6000 yards stats increase over years as players get stornger faster and etc. Its not an insult he was a great player feared by many corners. He deserves it.

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    Michael Irvin has 3 Super Bowls...Hard to keep him out as a star receiver in 3 Super Bowls...I'd say it depends on the circumstances...Irvin and someone like TO are huge distractions...but on the other hand, you have someone like OJ sitting pretty in the HOF, someone involved with murder...I bet if the fans voted whether or not he should be taken out of the Hall, OJ would be out now...

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    Irvin was a good receiver for the cowboys, not a great one, and didn't deserve to be in the hall of fame. He had many off the field issues, including him being fired from ESPN in February. The only thing thats really putting him in the hall of fame is his three superbowl rings. Otherwise he wouln't have had a chance.

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    stats and winning play a role but how you changed the game. irvin stepped up and played like hall of fame where games matter. he is winner and had stats, he is in 4th with the most 100 yards games. that means those games matter. you acting like he was like darryl strawberry off the field trouble, he only had a couple off the field incidents.

    I can tell you hate the Cowboys because if you didnt, you wouldnt have a problem with him

    I am saying this as non cowyboys fan. really dont care about them and dont cheer for them from any time

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    some sturdy motives: - 2 MVP awards. each and every eligible participant with a minimum of two MVP is interior the HOF. - Postseason fulfillment. 9-4 as starter, 3 video games with a score of a minimum of a hundred and forty and 2 video games with 5 TD. - did you be responsive to he basically had 6 seasons wherein he threw for extra beneficial than 11 TDs? confident, I did. yet nonetheless he replaced into voted to the pro Bowl in 5 of those 6 seasons. To be eligible to the corridor of popularity a participant desires to play 5 years and Warner had 5 super years ranked between the main suitable. There are factors that are no longer measured by using numbers, like right here: - almost suitable mechanics, superb field innovative and prescient and between the quickest releases ever seen. - deadly precision, almost for all time positioned the ball everywhere it necessary to be. - Brains, rotated 2 undesirable communities and led them to the super Bowl. The final 2 Cardinals communities lacked a working game.

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    Irvin defined the prototypical wideout of the 90's. he was big, physical, and had hands like glue. he was also the heart and soul of a team that dominated pro football. he played his best in big games, unlike others who disappeared when it was crunch time. i would maybe understand ur point if ya said his off-field issues should keep him out, but when ya deny what he meant to the game, ur credability goes out the window.

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    I think what really made Irvin a Hall of Famer was that he was part of the Dallas Cowboys dynasty.

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