I you had to write a 5 paragraph essay on "When did human history begin" what would you say/include?

Ok, so I have to write a 5 paragraph essay for my World history teacher and the topic is "When did human history begin?" I'm just wondering what you guys would include/say. Should I include prehistory in the essay? I'm curious and need some opinions.

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    History has always been there... Recorded history is a different matter.

    These would be two different essays.

    One one hand, (assuming a Christian influence here) human history would start with Adam & Eve and go forward from there until today.

    Darwinism would say the history of humans would be when the first humanoids began to walk upright and distinguished themselves from the apes.

    Most sects (American Indians, Greeks, Romans, Arabs) would probably take you back to the earliest recorded history.

    Seems to me that your teacher has given you a wide open pallet to begin with. Is there anything in class studies that would lead you to believe what the teacher's starting point would be?

    If not, include a bit of all of these to show you have a great understanding of how "history" is viewed differently depending on your point of view of the world.


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    Here's your paragraph, my own creation. You may use it for anything To support the existence of a Deity, we cannot have proof as the atheists call it, a chemical in a test tube. However, the existence of a God ( I am supporting the Christian God, btw) can be shown through simple observations. First off, even as children, we have knowledge of right and wrong, a four year old who has never been taught right and wrong by his parents will still know at least that someone should not kill people, or punch his father without being provoked. Also, he will do his best to get others to laugh or smile, despite barely knowing about the concepts of happiness. This determination to do good is what CS Lewis called the " God shaped void" in our hearts, and it could not have been "evolved there", since it would go against the concept of evolution, since an ideal creature in evolution should care only about itself, and should not give away food, for it may starve. Also, if most of the people considered heroes in this world had a belief of some sort or another. Without some Lord installing heroism and love in our hearts, we would be as any other animal, not sacrificing himself for his country and not being generous, being self centered. Certianly, there seems no point for heroism or bravery to evolve, since that might get some of us killed, nor the idead of marriage, since why can't we do overproduction of babies and have sex with anybody of the opposite sex around us. In the words of Saint Paul, " If Jesus was not real, indeed man is hopeless and life is pointless."

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    much of written history was lost when the Romans burned the Library at Alexandria. There was a civilization at what is now te bottom of the Black Sea that we know nothing of. The flood, which occured seven or eight thousand years ago is the basis stories like Noah and the Great flood. How many other civilizations like in Peru and Mexico, Indonesia and IndoChina that we really haven't researched that well.

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    "History" begins with the advent of reading and writing, while "pre-history" is the period before that event. It is a point of semantics--does the prompt look at the term "history" the way it is defined above? Or does it look at the more generic definition (i.e., all of human experience)? Since this is a "history" class (and not an anthropology class) I would start with the development of writing.

    Intro: Define the term "history" and then provide a thesis that gives three reasons why reading and writing is so important (i.e., recording religious beliefs, keeping governmental records, writing codes of law).

    PAR 2: Develop "recording religious beliefs" (i.e., "The Epic of Gilgamesh")

    PAR 3: Develop "keeping governmental records" (i.e., Sumerian cuneiform tablets recording sales and engineering projects)

    PAR 4: Develop "writing codes of law" (i.e., the "Code of Hammurabi" and other--even earlier--written law codes).

    Conclusion: Reiterate the defintion of history and clearly delineate between history and pre-history. "Although human experience began long before the written word, human history begins with literacy. It is only then that we have a record of their experiences in our ancestor's own words, rather than our interpretations of the artifacts they left behind." Something like that.

    Hope this helps.

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    Human history was a broad topic my dear.There were different beliefts on how human was created.It may be through myth(Malakas and Maganda,the evolution theory of charles darwin also the theory of carl sagan and other scientist.)But the most influencing and believable history of human creation is the Creation of God through the first person adam and eve.If you want to know more about this,read the book of genesis in the old testament.

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    I would start at around 3-4 bc when the chinese invented paper to be safe, but b4 then cave men wrote on the cave walls with peices of charcoal.

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    "History" by definition is the period of time recorded in writing, so th line between pre-history and history varies between cultures.

    That might not be what your instructor is looking for. You might want to ask for clarification.

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    I would do a compare/contrast of the religious vs science.

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    I would start with the "Cradle of Civilization": Mesopotamia.

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