Do I need 2 blueberry bushes to get blueberries?

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    It's common practice to plant at least two different varieties to ensure good cross-pollination. Many modern varieties like Blueray, Earliblue, Bluecrop, are self-fertile & need only one plant to set fruit.

    "Cultivated berries are self fertile. However, if you want a long harvest season, plant 2 or 3 varieties ripening in succession. Experiments indicate berries may be larger and slightly earlier- maturing when cross-pollination does occur."

    This site says: "Blueberries are partially self-fertile, which means they bear some fruit without cross-pollination. But when at least two different varieties grow near each other, yield is higher and fruits are larger."

    "Northern Highbush blueberries are self-fertile; Southern Highbush blueberries will produce better crops if more than one variety is planted."

    This site list Blueberries in their order of ripening:

    Hope this helps.

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