Tokyo, Japan?


Next year I turn 18..

I am planing on moving over to Japan in Tokyo,

Around next christmas!!!

Is there any ideas on how I can move there,

or do you need a working visa and all off that!!!

Cause I really would like to =]

Please help me..

and dont say its too expensive and all that cause i dont want to here it...

I got money..


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    You need a visa. If you're going to work, you need a working visa. If you're not, then you don't. You could get a student visa if you're going to study.

    You have to visit your local Japanese embassy or consulate in order to get your documents. Of course you need a passport before that too.

    Actually Tokyo doesn't have to be expensive. Rent is usually the only really expensive part. There are many diversions to spend money on, but if you are reasonable, it won't be a problem.

    If you're going to be there long-term, you should set up a job before you get there. You can apply to one of the many English conversation schools. They might have offices in your closest big city, wherever you live now. Some names: ECC, Nova (bad reputation), GEOS, AEON.

    Having a university degree first would be a great help, but you can find work without one too. Lots of people are willing to see your fresh young foreign face for money.

    If you have lots of money, I would suggest getting a student visa, then enrolling in a college or university in Japan. You can find info. on the internet about what schools you can go to. You don't necessarily need to speak Japanese. You could also take a Japanese language program.

    During your time at school, you'll be in Japan, which is what you want, and you'll also be figuring out first-hand what choices are available once you finish your program.

    Good luck!

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    The easiest way to go to Japan would probably be an English Teacher but you will need a college degree to do that. Have you been to Japan before? You should try visiting if you haven't yet because moving to Japan is no easy task. Since you will be 18 next year my recommendation is that you look for Federal Jobs. If I were going to work in Japan this would be where I would go.

    This is also another route which I have heard that works. It requires a military friend. Stay with you friend for a few weeks and try applying to the Military bases around Tokyo. There are many. Yokota AB, Yokosuka Naval Base, Camp Fuji, Atsugi NAB, and Camp Zama. These are civilian jobs on base and you might get lucky. Some of these jobs do not require a college degree. Good Luck on moving to Japan. I was there when I was 19 but I did it the hard way. Through the military.

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    You can enroll in a college, and to study and do part time job( if you say you have money, maybe you won't need to work)

    This is the only way with your qualifications and age.

    There are places where you can study in English, if your aim is only to stay in Japan. Or you can join Japanese language school and study the language for a year, and then try a college.

    Joriental's answer is correct- there have been many troubles with foreign unskilled labor and it became more and more difficult to get working visa.

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    You need to contact your local Federal Government offices and ask them what documents you need. Either a working Visa, or just a regular passport.

    If you are moving there, see about getting duel citizenship.

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    I would love to visit any place in Japan, just something about their culture...Good luck w/your endeavor to this country

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    Credit Card



    Yep,thats all

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    You're 17 years old and you got money? Really?

    Do tell!

    Welcome to Japan and watch it disappear as fast as your tourist visa period of stay.

    Sorry, you didn't want to here it.

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    1. degree

    2. Japanese

    3. VISA

    Japan don't issue working permit for simple labor.

    Ppl don't understand English.

    Japan don't hire tourist.

    Finish University first.

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    Please visit

    Book/reserve the travel arrangement of your choice.

    Have a nice day!

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    you could be killed by their robots

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