What is the acrylic bar called in the bath tub? Where can I buy a new one? HELP!?

In my bathtub the acrylic bar in the tub (you can use it to help get up out of the tub or you can hang a wash cloth over it. I have googled it and cannot find it) broke and we need a new one... PLEASE HELP!


It isn't a grab bar or handicap bar, it is plastic or acrylic and it comes standard in many showers. It is a part of the shower encloser.

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    Its call a grab bar or a handicap bar. Its usually made of metal though there are some acrylic. You can find them in the bath section of home improvement, over by toiletpaper holders, and shower heads.

    I understand what you mean now, you mean the plastic rod that is molded into the tub surround itself? Well I never had to actually replace this, however i called around to some plumbing supply places, and they said whatever brand it was you can call the company directly. But you may not know that, most surrounds dont' have the name stamped on them, or for that matter know the model number used.

    my suggestion is to go to measure the lenght and the diameter needed, go to homedepot and look in the bath isle where the tp holders and the towel bars are, and look for the closest one you can find. You may have to cut it down, they can probably do it for you as well. If you can't find an plastic or acrylic one, your best bet may go to the wood trim section and they have wood dowels there, you can easily cut this and just primer and paint with good waterproof paint. Now the real question is getting it to go in there, when surrounds are installed they are flexible, so you can bend back the surround and fit in it, but with it already glued you may have trouble.

    my suggestion is take and cut it to where you can stick one end as far in the hole as possible mark the other side tight as you can, then cut it, take some good silcone caulk and caulk both the holes, insert one end fully into the hole then insert the other one, making both sides equally distanced. caulk around the dowel.

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    Acrylic Dowel Rods

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    If this attaches to the tub enclosure itself your going to have to assimilate and put something in to cover the opening. I'm thinking that's what your trying to do so the landlord doesn't see it.

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