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1.Name 5 things you want your parents to do?

2.Name 5 things you want your teachers to do?

3.If teenagers misbehave, are parents to blame?

唔識作呀 幫幫忙呀 thx



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    1/ provide a desirable learning environment.

    encourage me to study hard

    Take good care of me in daily lives

    Interact with me whenever they have time

    Inculcate decent knowledge into my minds



    2/ Set a good example of how to behave well

    Implant the students the social values

    Concentrate also on things other than academic studies

    motivate us in daily lessions

    lift up students' morale in studying


    3/ Absolutely not/

    There are also several reasons:

    - peer pressure

    - peer influence

    - poor academic results

    - lack of district facilities --- many undesirable people (壞人)

    - parents are working from daytime till night ---- they do not have time to interact with their children

    - parents cannot fully control and monitor what their children have done previously

    - the misbehaviour of their daughters or sons are sometimes triggered by heroism

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    The parents to do thing is : They can teach we how to make a new friend . Next they can tell we if we learn bad the .parents will be hurt.Then the parents can take over we at after school or go to school . Teacher can teach we if we make a bad friend the aftermath is very bad !

    Sorry 呀我子係作到少少不過都希望我可以幫到你!!!

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