My motorcycle wont start after i switched the neg and pos terminals, I checked the fuses they were good, HELP?

I have dont have a fuel injected bike..

Its a suzuki rf600

does the wiring fry that easily ? ( if thats the case?)


I ACCIDENTLY DID IT i couldn't see the = and - on my bike , its a common mistake bro calm down..

Update 2:

- The bike doesn't give any warning lights when i switch the igntion to ON, nor does it honk,light, and so on ....

the bike is simply dead when i switch on.

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    If all of your fuses are good, then I would suspect a component such as the voltage regulator, or the igniter module.

    I would suggest getting a service manual for your bike and doing an electrical check until you find the faulty component (You should have a service manual for every bike you own anyway). It isn't too hard to do an electrical check, but it's very time consuming.

    Check places like or for used manuals. You can also get them from the ebay site.

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    You dont say if the bike is turning the engine over or not..... Do the following.

    If the bike turns over the engine when you try to start it, take out one of the spark plugs and see if you have a spark there..If you have a spark the ignition system is almost certainly OK and your problem lies elsewhere. If you dont have a spark then you have blown the igntion amps and that is going to be expensive.

    If the bike does not turn over youve either still got the bike battery wired in wrong or the battery is no good, did you take it off to try and charge it up?

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    Will any lights come on?


    Will the starter motor spin when you press the starter button?

    If either of those are no, could be a bad ignition switch.

    To check - test for power at the fuse terminals (don't just look at the fuse).

    Without any more details, the next possible problem would be a fry-ed ECM (carbureted models use them).

    An ECM is the equivalent of a CDI box.

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    1 decade ago

    You know there's a fuse sorta "hidden" ,,under a cover,,on the Starter Relay?

    If your STARTER BUTTON is "dead" ,,be sure to check that fuse.

    If your Lights,Horn,Blinkers,Brake lights,etc work,,,you're probably OK

    I have no idea where the solenoid is mounted.

    Follow the big cable from the battery and you'll come to it.

    It has a white-ish plastic cover that snaps onto the Relay.


    Cross-wiring Battery Cables is NOT a good hobby ;)

    Most electronics are NOT actually "that sensitive" to it.

    They can withstand a moment of reverse polarity & survive.

    As You said,,,"We all do it" one way or another over the years,

    Your odds of having serious damage are POSSIBLE,,but not likely.

    It's Unusual to have a fuse on Starter Solenoid,,,and it's sorta "hidden".

    Check that thing,,,that might be all it is.


    I looked all over for an "easy picture",,,no luck

    Here's Parts Book image.

    That Item #4 Bolt,,,there's actually 2.

    Those are the cable terminals.

    1 to Battery,1 to Starter,,,,both are heavy gauge wire


    Here's a pic of the Relay,,,,for a clue

    ( I think it's pictured "upside down??)

    Good Luck,,hope it's nothing serious.

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  • 1 decade ago

    check the fuses again with a volt meter some times they look good but aren't.Take the fuses out if you can .Check the wires with a ohm meter selection to see if they are grounded.usually these two functions are on the same tool.Next check the battery to see if you have 12 volts.

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    My friend did that with his car once. There was a "fusible link" that burned out when he did it. It prevented any power from frying his electronics, but it also had to be replaced before he could get his car running again. Maybe your bike has something similar.

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    I think that even a carbeurated bike has some sort of ECM, no? Do all the normal warning lights come on when you turn the key?

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    1 decade ago

    There is also a main fuse or fusible link between the battery and your fuse box. Check that, if you have overlooked it.

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    well lets see...there is a whole lot of things that CAN go bad. but first, if you can check the fuses, you should of known enough to NOT SWITCH BATTERY TERMINAL LEADS. Go back to pedal power.

    Source(s): common sense electrical insight.
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    1 decade ago

    you just blew the main fuse replace it.

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