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Questions About My New Freshwater Pipefish?

Just got a rare freshwater pipefish at the local store. It's about 2.5" long and about 1/8" wide with a short snout (compared to the other types of freshwater pipefish that have a longer snout and are usually larger). I currently have a bumble bee goby, bamboo shrimp, 3 rasporas, 2 threadfin rainbows an otosinclis and an albino cory along with the pipefish. Is this a good mix? Do freshwater pipefish do well on their own or should I go back to the store and get another to pair them? Also, I tried feeding some frozen bloodworms which the store siad they will eat. It seems like the pipefish has a hard time finding them even though they are right in front of him. I used a turkey baster to get closer to the bottom of the tank and squirt it near him. He eventually found one, took a couple bites and couldn't get most of it down so he spit the worm out and gave up. Any advice on how to care for the freshwater pipefish would be much appreciated. Thanks!

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    These fish are considered advanced for a reason. You should be attempting daphnea or live baby brine shrimp. Microworms will probably also be consumed. Email me if you have any questions.

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