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Geometry 2-Column Proof Help! Please!!?

Write a two-column proof to show RSTW is a parallelogram using the method that states that if one pair of opposite sides is both parallel and congruent then the quadrilateral is a parallelogram.

Given: Angle WRS is congruent to Angle STW

Angle RSW is congruent to Angle TWS

Prove: RSTW is a parallelogram

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    take triangle RSW and triangle SWT

    side SW is common in both triangle

    <WRS = <STW (given)

    and <RSW = <TWS (given)

    so from A-A-S congruency theorem both triangle are congruent

    so side RS = WT

    and RS || WT because alternate angles are equal so

    RSTW is a parallelogram

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    tutor that angle4 is congruent to angle2 and angle1 is congruent to angle3. to start up off say given-ab is congruent to cd, ab is parallel to cd. the tip of your info could sound something like "if 2 lines are decrease by means of a transversal and alter indoors angles are congruent, then the lines are parallel."

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