CA DMV Written Test?

I am 18, and I have taken the test 2 times and failed it. I have studied the tests and the book many times. I am going to take my 3rd test but I need help

What is the test way to pass the Written test without taking a class? Like what ways are there to study?

Keep in mind that I am in California.


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    I live in CA too. I'm so sorry to hear you're having trouble with the written test. Though I think there's no better substitute than reading the handbook, but if you're having problems, some Ideas would be: Going to

    and print out the sample tests

    These word documents have the answers at the bottom.

    If you're having trouble remembering what the different road signs mean, cut them out of a spare handbook and past them to note cards, so now you have flash cards to practice with!

    If you know someone who has taken a driving instruction class, ask them if you can use their notes and/or learning materials.(Sometimes the teachers will have students highlight the most important points to remember in the handbook for the written test)


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    Move across the Ca State line take there test then move back and transfer your to CA.

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