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Were can i find i find alaskan malamute/wolf puppies for sale?

They have to be in Wisconsin.

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    Chief24, many Malamute owners would disagree with you on the not good with small children statement, including me.

    I have a Malamute as well as a Husky. They are both great with our children and would give their lives to protect them, they were going to once already.

    If you were talking about the Malamute/Wolf mix, then I apologize, but pure bred Malamutes are family type dogs, but not for everyone.

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    Good Luck with those dogs. They are beautiful, but horrible pets. Our Alaskan malamute chewed the entire side off of our pop up camper. He also dug a 6 foot in diameter hole in the yard, in 20 minutes. The wolf never goes away in them. We found a breeder, there is more of a selection and you can pick which one has the qualities that you want. Just be prepared, these dogs can't be left alone, they can do some damage. Not a good idea for small children!

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    scearch click wisconsin and the city you live in or close to and thast should bring you to a pigs with a lot of different items listed in blue. above each list is a grey bar with a word. look for the word community. under community, you should see the word pets.

    hope that helped

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    Any wolf hybrid is likely to be unstable, so be sure you know what you're getting into before adding one to your family. Try your local rescue group, spca or animal shelter first.

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    Make sure they are legal in your city. Many cities that ban pit bulls also ban wolf hybrids

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    you might be able to find them on thats where I found my last dog...he's wonderful. You can also just search it in a search engine and you might be able to come up with something.

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    you could look in the newspaper

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    hey! check this site! all breeds! hope that helps!

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