Picture of toy fox terrier puppy?

10 points for a picture of a toy fox terrier puppy. The puppy picture has to be an actual size picture. And it has to be cute.


When I said ACTUAL SIZE I meant LIFE SIZE!!!! Give me pictures of how big the puppy is in real life. I don't care if it's as big as my computer screen!!!!! JUST GIVE ME LIFE SIZE!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    1 decade ago
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    Source(s): i have a wire fox terrier named max hes sooo cute<333
  • 3 years ago

    the pictures have been good adequate to verify - no longer a fox terrier. Rat terriers have a "marked" or "reported" end. This refers back to the attitude of the drop between the dazzling of the pinnacle and the muzzle. A fox terrier has a wedge formed head with basically approximately no end on an identical time as rat terriers have an obtrusive end as on your canine. The ears of a Fox terrier are folded forward making a "V" shape, Rat terriers have upright ears. Papers from a puppy keep would help coach fraud, no longer properly worth a dime in any different case. never purchase from a save that doesn't comprehend what that's merchandising once you recognize darn properly that's a milled canine puppy shops print "papers" for a canine by using fact the canine is bought. I investigated a close-by puppy keep and replaced into shown the comparable doggy over the process a month and the place of work work replaced into dated to declare it replaced into nevertheless an 8 a million/2 week old doggy. They tried tricky to cajole me yet another doggy replaced right into a 2 month old Golden Retriever while it replaced into transforming into in it somewhat is person hair coat (frequently at approximately 4 month of age!) on an identical time as able to coach fraud, no data of abuse would desire on hand and the keep continues to be in employer. I tell everybody to no longer spend any funds in a save that sells milled doggies, do employer someplace else. each dime keeps the finished mill marketplace going. each doggy bought makes room for yet another to be born in a chicken cage to a mom who would be "thrown away" as quickly as she would be able to't have extra puppies. "Thrown away" is a euphamism for what they do to unprofitable canines. while the petstores can not sell a doggy it lands up with rescue communities that place is with good properties for a small fee. that's the only suited thank you to land up with a "milled"/petstore doggy - shame on you! shame! shame!

  • 1 decade ago

    It was kinda hard to find the right pic for you. Here it is:


    Thanks, and good luck,

    ~ Future Vet

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