Name of new guirtar rock song with no lyrics?

Keep hearing this this song on the radio lately. I'm guessing it's new but no clue. It starts with a guitar solo and the beat eventually fills in but no lyrics at all. It's got this energetic, upbeat (some would say cheesy and dated) style, it's basically just an extended lead guitar solo. For some reason I want to know who it is, but hard to find with no lyrics... anybody have any idea??


Just looked at live playing of Hocus're right it is old and not the one unfortunately but good guess... the closest sound I've found so far is Andy Timmons

Update 2:

Lol not Knights of Cydonia but that was another unique song.... As further description the guitar playing moves freely, rather clean and upbeat, a few technical riffs... almost wholesome sounding, unlike most rock music

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    Hell I'll take a wild guess at it! It might be

    Hocus Pocus--------- By: Focus

    But its old!!!!(lol)

    Then try

    Frankenstein------- Edgar Winter

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    ummm Eruption- Van Halen

    try looking at some Steve Vai and Michael Angleo Batio.

    If you have a new Verizon phone than go to Get New Ringtones section and they have this really cool thing called Vcast Song ID. All you have to do is push a button when you hear the song again and then it listens to the song for 15 seconds and it tells you what the song is. Good luck finding it if you don't have Verizon. but they might have it on other phones

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    I've been looking for a song similar to the one you describe. The person that answered above me stating that it's Ecstasy of Gold by Metallica ended my search, that's the song I was looking for. I knew it sounded like Metallica but I just couldn't place it. Maybe that's the one you're looking for too, good luck finding it.

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    Wild stab in the dark as it does have lyrics, it just takes half the song to get to them.

    'Knights of Cydonia' by Muse.

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    Ecstasy of Gold-Metallica It's from The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly. I think that's the one

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