Safety of Orkin monthly pest control?

I've had Orkin spray my home monthly for about 4 years now. It has helped control the bugs tremendously! However, I'm wondering if anyone knows if there are long-term health risks associated with these treatments? So far, we are all doing just fine.....


Yes, but Orkin employees don't live in it 24/7, and they most likely weren't living in it as children. I'm not so much worried about dropping dead as I am about cancer or organophosphate toxicity.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago
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    They are powerful chemicals, but unless you go around licking your baseboards you should be fine. The pest control workers spray this stuff all day 5 days a week. If they haven't started dropping dead yet you should be safe!

  • heyder
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    4 years ago

    he's doing his interest - saving the taxpayers money. call around and locate out what Truley Nolen or Orkin could have charged to exterminate that fly. Rush Limbaugh is jealous simply by fact he's not speedy sufficient to swat one.

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