What is the weaknesses of the learning resources center?

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    Do you mean for Special Education students?

    Some weaknesses could be the teacher not knowing his/her students every well.

    If the students has an IEP ( Individual Education Plan) there may be too little information or the wrong information about the student(personal experience with the latter).

    There may not be enough staffing. Children who need special services or an individual aide may not receive this because the school district needs more people. ( Personal experience, I had a autistic class for a summer program. All of my students were supposed to receive speech services and they didn't. Why? Because the district could not find a speech therapist and the speech therapist who worked during the school year didn't;t want to work in the summer.)

    These are just some of the weaknesses I can think of, but these weakness can be avoided.

    Be organized, Be as prepared as you can, and Be on your toes. because who knows what the next day will bring you.

    Source(s): personal experience
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    A learning resource center is only as good as the resources they have and the person running it. So if a LRC has insufficient or outdated resources it would be weak. If they have current resources but no one who knows how to efficiently utilize them it would also be weak.

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    more info please

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