How do I stop holes in my socks where my big toe's are?

Sounds like a silly "Q" but I go through soooo many socks.

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    1 decade ago
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    First, make sure your socks are reinforced in the toe and heel areas. (These are often called diabetic socks.) Clip your toenails as short as possible (but not so short that you get ingrown toenails) at least every three weeks. (Depending on how fast your nails grow, you may be able to stretch it to 4 or 5 weeks.) Make sure that each side of the nail is filed down just a little so that it's curved......not a sharp edge that will catch on your socks. If you still get holes after doing that, put a bandaid over the end of your toe so that it covers most of the toenail as well as the end of the toe. OR to make it easy on yourself, get a spa pedicure. They will clip your toenails, remove and clean up the cuticle, apply polish if you want, etc., etc., AND massage your calves, ankles and feet. You'll walk away feeling so relaxed that you won't care about your "holey" socks. :)) Oh, BTW, don't walk around your house wearing socks minus shoes. Good luck!!

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    4 years ago

    Big Toe Socks

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    Keeping the nails short and neatly trimmed is a way to help, but in the long run... if you've had a pair of socks for awhile, you're gonna wear holes through places... particularly in the heels and toes because those area get the most pressure and rubbing.

  • 6 years ago

    i have same problem and toe nails are always cut but socks only last a very short time

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  • 1 decade ago

    My husband use to struggle with this too. We kept it down by soaking his feet and buffing across the top of the toe. Of course we keep the toe nail itself cut back, but by buffing across the top, keeps the rigidness down and allows for the toenail to grow out verses up. Good Luck, try it.

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    Cut your toe nails edward scissor toes

  • 5 years ago

    Some times it is just the shape of your big toe. I have had that prob most of my life. My hole prob is caused by the end of my toe being as tall as my knuckle. The averages persons big toe slopes down towards nail end. Mine slopes up. I cut my nails all the time. Work boots that have steel toes also add to sock damage. Socks with thicker toes and heels does help extend sock life.

  • Jack
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    1 decade ago

    first cut your toe nails more often

    2nd stop wearing them for more than a week straight.

    only wear them once a day

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    1 decade ago

    keep the toe nails short and filed. that's probably what's making the holes.

  • 1 decade ago

    Keep those toe nails clipped, and wear sandals more!

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