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    Affable: easy to talk to

    He's affable to everybody.


    Get along [with]

    We don't get along very well. / We get along just fine.

    You may also use kind, friendly or some phrases such as 'easy to talk to'

    But you might want to use approachable instead of using kind or friendly since approachable has the same meaning.

    Nowadays, lots of native English speakers will just say 'easy' instead of saying 'easygoing'.

    Gloria is easy.

    Hope it'll help you :)

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    get on well

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    如1.approachable (adj) 平易近人

    eg.Tom is an approachable boy, I am glad to be his friend.

    2. friendly(adj) 友好的

    3.amiable(adj) 和藹可親的

    只要放這些(adj 形容詞) 在(n 名詞) 前面就可以形容那個人的性格了.

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    ''easy to get along with''

    例如 Tom is easy to get along with.

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    get along well with others

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    He is a nice guys.

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