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first, i am a student in australia,i am a totally idiot on finance investment

i ll go 2 France 2 live after i study here, i ll stay here about 3 years more. i wanna save up some money so that i can use in france. But put my money into my bank account, thats useless. ( 6.2%p.a in australian bank) well, my plan is, i ll save up about AU$500~700 per month.What is the best investment for me in my situation? P.S.i get $$ from parent in hong kong

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    Depends on the risk you're willing to take in order to get potentially higher return (there's no guarantee on your captial). If you are a risk taker and would like to try investing in mutual funds, our investment fund could be a good choice for you. please have a look at our website and see info on wealth management. If you need more info, please drop me a mail at lamtess@yahoo.com.hk

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    stock market may earn you more but don't forget you need to pay capital gain tax on the money you earn from the stock market or fund( at least 15% )

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    6.2% is actually not a bad rate in bank deposit.

    Stock market can offer more than that but you may also lose all yr $.

    Mutual funds can also offer high return in a longer time.


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