How much does an 18 wheeler weigh?

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    a truck was 23,000lbs. a trailer weighs around 12,000lbs. and totally loaded can haul a max of 80,000lbs....without a special permit

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    Really depends on the trucks configuration & the cargo, in my case I drove a 48' flatbed hauling steel coils with the weight of the cargo anywhere from 46,000- 52,000 pounds not including the 12,000lbs of the trailer by itself & another 20,000lbs or so for the tractor. The axles on most 18 wheeler trailers are adjustable, meaning that they can be slid forwards or backwards to redistribute the weight. All states have max loaded weight ratings usually no more than 80,000lbs. Bridges & over passes may be much lower...

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    It can be complicated - in the US:

    There are one set of rules that are set by the US Federal government and they say that for highways that are federally funded (interstates and some other bigger roads) the minimum weight that states HAVE TO allow is 80,000 lbs.

    States cannot set the limit on interstates lower than 80,000 lbs, but they can set lower limits on state highways. However, there is a catch.. if a state had a higher weight limit in place before this federal law was passed (Surface Transportation Assistance Act of 1982 (STAA)) the state can still allow trucks heavier than the 80,000 lbs limit. The state with the highest weight limits by far is Michigan. The highest grossing truck without a permit in Michigan can top out at 151,400 lbs! With 8 axles on the trailer! Without a permit! Usually these trucks carry loads of raw steel between steel mills and factories.

    In Canada, most of the country allows much higher weights than in the US (but not as high as Michigan). Each province sets their own weight limits independently. A typical combination in Canada is a tandem drive tractor with a tri-axle trailer. This is like the typical 18 wheeler with an extra axle on the trailer (22 tires). Weights vary across the country but they are usually around 110,000 lbs. The second usual combination that is used across Canada is the B-Train. It is a tandem drive tractor pulling a trailer with three axles, and attached to this trailer is a second trailer with two axles. Across Canada, the B-Train weight limit is 139,700 lbs (63,500 kgs).

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    How much does an 18 wheeler weigh?

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    The semi-truck without the trailer weighs around 20,000 lbs. An empty trailer weighs around 12,000 lbs, but it depends on what type of trailer it is. There are hundreds of different configurations. The point is...the maximum legal weight that an 18-wheeler can weigh is 40 tons (80,000 lbs). If they weighed any more, then they would damage the roads more rapidly than they are even now. But a semi-truck can exceed that limit for certain situations.

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    Semi Truck Weight

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    In all states, the combination can weigh up to 80,000 pounds legally. In some states, with special configurations and permits, 18 wheel combinations can weigh up to 165,000 pounds (Kentucky for coal loads only on certain routes). In some states, with an unlimited number of axles, the weight can be virtually unlimited, depending on length limits.

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    Depends on what its carrying. The legal maximum is 40 tons (80,000 lbs.). This is the maxiumum without oversize or overweight permits.

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