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Hair Color?

i dyed my hair to a light brown and i want to put like streaks under my hair and i was thinking of putting like a carmel color under but i dont know if it would look right?

or what other color should i put?

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    Caramel has always been my favorite flavor, along with butterscotch, toffee, and anything else golden brown. So, as long as you don't mind having hair that appears edible, I imagine it would be a good choice. Certainly better than a clashing color like orange or purple. That being said, I know diddley-squat about fashion...I mean...who dresses me? Better leave it to the experts....sorry to intrude on this question....

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    since your hair is already at a light brown shade either carmel colored highlights or dark to medium blonde highlights should compliment your hair color! you don't want to go darker unless you get low lights, so stick with those shades and you'll be good :)

  • ok here's the deal all you have to do is get a dark brown streaks in your hair and you will look fantabulous. oh and just to let you know i suggest that you don't do it yourself. have somebody else do it like one of your friends who has done it before. trust me it is a lot easier and it will look better. well this is unless you have done it yourself before and it has turned out very well. hope you like the advice and sorry if not.

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    coloring your own hair is always risky.....i would suggest if you want to get a two tone as lovely as they are today....that you see a professional.......

    i have skin allergys to certain dyes and can only use certain hair colors....well.....i have been blue....i have been purple.....untill i finally quit coloring all together......i have a girlfriend who tried to streak her own hair and had to go back to the drug store 3 times........what a fright!!!!......again...use a will cost more but a woman's hair is her go for it.....spend that money on you.......and your hair will thank you.......

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    Try a dark blonde that way the contrast with pop bth out and make your hair stand out

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    if its a light brown, i think some lowlights would look really cool. not mega dark ones, just a few medium colored ones to accent the ligth colored hair

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    Red and caramel look really nice, especially come the fall!

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    Have you tried billious green ?

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