Has anyone led children's Sunday chapel or services?

I'm going to be leading our Children's Worship service this year. It won't be my first time, and I've taken Godly Play and Catechesis of the Good Shepherd. (Plus other workshops and read books on children's worship.) But I always like to hear people's perspectives. How do you feel about worship for children, teaching kids to pray, etc. Do you remember any adults who were helpful in your spiritual development? If you are a parent with children in Sunday School, what do you wish your child would learn about worship and spirituality?

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    Yes, I've lead children church, and taught Sunday School.

    Children worship just like adults, and in my view should be empowered to take leadership of their worship....that can range from letting 2 year olds raise their hands to pick the song (yeah. 9 times out of 10 they'll pick "Jesus loves me", and that's ok. At that age familiar is comforting) to older children not only picking songs but leading them or even designing the whole service. I also believe in allowing the children to teach each other. The adult can act as a faciliator, able to pick up any topics lag and help with keeping order.

    Also, when it comes to prayer--the concerns of children are different from the concerns of adults. Little children are concerned about things like the boo-boo they got last week, or what they are going to have for dinner----it's ok for them to bring those concerns to the Lord....even if its the same boo-boo 8 weeks running. Even if we think they are just wanting attention, whats wrong with wanting attention :)

    The other issue I believe children's church ministers need to be aware of, is that children's church is ministry. While its one of the most enjoyable ministries in the church, its not a game. Given the child abuse statistics in the US, the UK, Canada etc, there will be children in your group who go home and get beaten, burned etc. Given hunger statistics in the US, there are children in your group who will go home and not have dinner. There will be children experiencing poverty and all the other challenges we forget about when teach children's church. So, in my view, the starting point for any children's minister, is prayer for the children.....and preparation. Make sure you've got snack, so that no child goes that day without food, make sure your church has a clothing ministry, make sure you have a system in place to address child abuse (from experience I can tell you there's nothing worse than seeing an iron burn on a child, and not having an immediate answer of what to do.)

    Yes, the mentor I have treasured the most was my Sunday School teacher after I got bumped from children's church. It was decided that I needed more indepth study, so I was put with the adult Sunday school class.....and my teacher allowed me to contribute just like everyone else in the class. In fact, when he went on vacation he let me teach in his place.....and the class members showed lots of patience with me. He really taught me the value of the Scripture: What should be done then, my friends? When you come together, each one has a hymn, a lesson, a revelation, a tongue, or an interpretation. Let all things be done for building up.

    So the long and the short is that I hope children learn in childrens churches that they are important to God and important to their church families.

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    I led children's worship for three years when I was in my late twenties. I found the most effective means of getting them to understand what worship is, engage in it, and of course enjoy it, is to do what the Bible tells us adults to do, but most of the time are too proud to even try, because they are indeed expressions that indicate our radical dependence on Him like children. The following is what I wish any teacher would teach my children: to use alot of easy and pronounced facial gestures and kenitic movement that they can mimic in each of the worship songs. Such as the song, "Dare to Be a Daniel", use an outstretched fist to simulate strength, "To God Be The Glory", use waving your hands above your head to simulate His glory, etc. Also, use alot of vivid imagery, such an oversized "sun" for His radiance, a "heart" for His love, or our love for Him, etc.

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    We teach 4 & 5 Sunday School. The foundational Bible stories are interesting. Prayer and share time is important. Singing and crafts are fun.

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    I led a Sunday School class for a year... for the 11-12 yr old group... I learned more from them than they did from me... be honest with them... if you do not know the answer to their questions say so and learn the answer with them.... and espacialy for that age... let them express their povs... with some limits of course... let them ask questions and always let them know they are not to take your word for it... they have the right to read and study God's Word as God leads them.... just as you do.... they need to know they are to develope their own relationship with God if they are to insure their own Salvation.

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    Yes, I work for Teen Challenge Uk, and lead meetings regularly. I have also taught in Sunday school.

    My task is that I relate to them how to know God personally, through Jesus Christ.

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    no i prefer the elderly unless its my own grandkids

    my parents and minister

    my kids are both married

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    I will never take my kids to church. The only way they will go is if they choose to go. Church just brainwashes people and makes them live a life of fear.

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