r they spider bites.?

its on my legs thes a circle on my calve about 3 inches in circumfrence its red and a puffy it itches like crazy and i have on my onther leg to smaller one that are also red and puffy and itch badly i woke up with it yesterday morning

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Type in spider bite pictures into a search engine and then compare yours to the pictures and read the symptoms. If it is a spider bite it may be one that will cause a leg ulcer. These ulcers grow in size as the posion spreads and kills other skin. If you think it is a spider bite, consult a doctor to know for sure.

  • b4_999
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    1 decade ago

    Could be.

    If the circle looks like a target with the bite in the middle it could be a tick bite.

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