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I am a mother of 2 preschoolers. Any great parenting tips how to raise kids in today's world?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    I am a mother of 2 girls and they are adults now. Back in those days we didn't have any tools or ideas to help our own kids. So most of us had to ask our grandparents, parents and close relatives..on what they do/did and why they do them..or not. Asking questions do help us to weigh the pros and cons and whatever they did right for their kids, doesn't mean that it will work for our kids too.

    1) Teaching the kids on understanding what you really mean by "yes" and "no" and after saying either, please act on whatever you mean...right away. Do not wait till later or tonight or 'if' they will do it again.

    2) When your kids do something right, praise them. When they do something wrong, tell them that it was wrong and tell them 'why'. They absorb everything like a 'sponge'.

    3) Kids absorb both positive and negative energy real fast since not tackle any situations till you are clam.

    4) Pre-school is the time when they should already be learning ABCs, numbers and colours...and flip cards with bright colours and pictures.. will help alot. Flip cards when they least expect it and you will be surprised much they do absorb. You will be able to catch each individual's mood..and keep your flip cards at catch their right mood to learn things the fun way.

    Adults will probably have an attention span of a few seconds (for commercials on tv) you imagine what it will be..for children?

    If you need them to spend some time on the tv screen..e.g. while you are cooking..or laudry put on an educational vcd or dvd for them (like those from sesame st or any pre-schoolers educational programme). This will train them to be more focused on using their time..for the right priorities as they grow up.

    Also to add music (music therapy) to their lives when they are studying, playing, napping in the will help inspire them and trigger their creativity in whatever they do. It did help with mine..

    During weekdays they were trained to enjoy a different set of music for their routine..and on weekends..they can choose fun music to play with....or stories on listen to..when they play...this will guide be a little bit more..on the multi-tasking capabilities....which 'might' help them to cope with 'stress' in their teen years.

    Well..that's all..I can share with you...happy parenting..and enjoy them while you can. They grow up real fast!

  • 1 decade ago

    Congrats! I am a mother to 3 great kids and my best advice would be. A. to teach manners and B. Follow through.

    Following through with what you say is HUGE and I admit I am a sucker most of the time on this but we are working on that. Read and play with the kiddos.

    Good luck.

    Source(s): Mother of 3.
  • 1 decade ago

    Watch them, protect them and love them. I see to many parents just letting their young children go off and play unsupervised. I doubt you do this. Also, some people seem to think boys are less at risk of by molested and therefore they "guard" them less. I know we don't want to shelter our children from life, but it never hurts them to protect them and guide them. Also, too many parents are afraid to set and follow through with rules and punishments. We want to be loving parents...not prison guards. But, kids need and crave rules and boundaries. Give it to them and they will respect you for it.

    I suspect you know all this, so my answer is for those that don't. :)

    All the best. It can be a scary world when you have children. Vigilance is all we can do.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    1. Dont let them date when they're 8

    2. Dont give them a cell phone in 3rd grade

    3. dont give them a myspace in 4th grade

    4. Dont let them go out till 10:00pm on school nights

    5. Dont raise the, like Paris Hilton's Parents.....

    6.teach them not to drink and drive

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