GAME SHOWS...Any tips on WHAT or WHAT not to do or say to be chosen to be on a game show????

We have a fairly new game show comming to our town tomorrow to hold auditions to be on NATIONAL BINGO on ABC. Anyone have ANY advice on what to do or say, OR, what NOT to do or say, to have a better chance of getting chosen. The application asks for info. like, Do you have a lucky charm, tell them one thing most people do not know about you, and how would you spend the money?..Anyone with experience on trying out for one, actually being on a game show, that has any tips, please share them...THANKS. I just graduated college last week , and this would be a great way to get my future going........

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Good Luck, I would recommend to be very excited. Game shows like that. Mose people you see on a game show are always really excited and happy to be there. Also just try to relax and be yourself. Try not to think of it that much.

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