Should I Learn Java or Forth?

I want to develop multimedia applications, I want to build 3D models and math modelling, I want to communicate between applications through the Internet, I want to create peer to peer information and file swapping, I want to edit audio files and image files, BUT I also want to interface with hardware using the USB port.

Should I learn Java or Forth ?

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    Multimedia applications are mostly implemented using specific authoring tools or programming languages, like Flash/ActionScript or Director. However, the development often requires high effort.

    We propose a model-driven approach for the development of multimedia applications. Therefore we base on a modeling language, called Multimedia Modeling Language (MML), suitable to model the specific aspects of this application type, such as:

    * integration of media objects,

    * high degree of interaction,

    * synchronization, and

    * high importance of the user interface.

    The modeling language corresponds as much as possible to the existing de-facto standard UML

    Mathmetic and game prgramming

    c, c++, JAVA

    Audio and image


    peer to peer and file swapping


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    Superbly documented , better supported, easier to learn and much better for your CV

    You are, of course , going to have to learn more than just Java to achieve what you have outlined above. Almost certainly C/C++ especially communicating with real hardware (I guess you will need sockets, but depends on your applications) .

    You will have to do server side scripting (PHPor CGI variant - perhaps Perl) especially if you want to communicate between applications over the internet. For internet database manipulation, mySQL also.

    New applications will not have a recognised MIME type so there will be work done there also.

    For the modelling I guess you know MML. For your editing , you are probably also going to have to study compression throroughly, but sounds like fun!

    Best of luck.

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    Java is widely used and supported. I am sure someone will argue with me, but Forth is currently a novelty language. To accomplish everything you want you might also have to learn C / C++ as Java normally must rely on C / C++ libraries for hardware support.

    Source(s): Over a decade of software development.
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    BOOKS... period. Start with a base language like C and work your way up. Absolute Beginners Guide To C By Greg Perry After You get a hold of C move up to C++, then go from there. Its going to take a while, so read up all the knowledge you can. All of the suggestions listed here are a good idea, But learning on your own can be hard, so be sure to ask any questions you have.

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    JAVA. Its better to learn languages that are in demand if you want a career in programming.

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    Java for sure

  • 1 decade ago

    java coz its very popular .

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