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hall of fame?

Who would make it in YOUR sports hall of fame? (All sports included)

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    I'll just do a short list where I pick my first, exclusive induction clasee:

    Wayne Gretzky

    Michael Jordan


    Rod Laver

    Billie Jean King

    Jim Brown

    Babe Ruth

    Ty Cobb

    Ted Williams

    Mario Lemieux

    There are many, many more, but that's the group with which I would start.

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    I think you may need to be more specific, how many players should be included? Do the players need to apply to the same rules that other HOF's apply to? For instance, if we did a sports' mullet hall of fame then the Boz would be in, but I sure wouldn't want him in my ALL-TIME HOF.

    Here is my list, in no particular order.


    Babe Ruth, Henry Aaron, Roberto Clemente, Ted Williams, Satchel Paige, Bob Gibson, Greg Maddux, Roger Clemens, Warren Spahn, Ty Cobb


    Walter Payton, Jim Brown, Gayle Sayers, Dan Marino, Dick Butkis, Lawrence Taylor, Johnny Unitas, Bruce Matthews, Jerry Rice, and Otto Graham


    Michael Jordan, Bill Russell, Bob Cousie, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Magic Johnson, Larry Bird, Jerry West, Dominique Wilkins, Karl Malone, and Scottie Pippen


    Wayne Gretzky, Patrick Roy, Bob Orr, Mario Lemieux, Mark Messier, Steve Yzerman, Gordie Howe, Ray Bourque, Eddie Shore, and Glenn Hall

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