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So Duke fans and or Magic fans...JJ Redick had a rough year last year for the magic....?

He only played half the games and only really had a few games worth summer league play he led the team in points and even put up 30 in one game and thats a lot of summer league. my question is...will JJ have a great season for the magic and be a starter, or will he have another bad season and probably get traded?

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    People keep forgetting that JJ was hurt last summer and fall, which kept him from playing for months - first his back, then his foot. Once he was cleared to play, Coach Hill had already established a rotation, and the Magic started off the season hot. JJ finally got his chances when the Magic cooled off and some injuries forced Coach Hill to look for a fix. Once he got a chance, JJ was just fine.

    As for this year, it remains to be seen. Grant Hill leaving the team opens up the starting 2 guard spot. Bogans is still there, and to some extent Dooling and Turkoglu could play the 2, but certainly, opportunity is knocking for Mr. Redick. If the Magic hadn't gotten Lewis, then I'd have said JJ was likely to start, as they sorely needed a good shooter out there. With Lewis, Coach Van Gundy could decide he'd rather have Bogans in for defense at the 2, and let Turkoglu and Lewis shoot the ball.

    Regardless, I expect JJ to be either the starter, or one of the first guards off the bench - i.e., an active part of the rotation. And no one is going to out work him. Let's just hope he remains healthy.

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    He's going to have a much, much better year. He had trouble adjusting to the superior athletes in the NBA. But he is such a fierce competitor, he'll figure it out. It seems he has, but the summer league isn't the NBA regular season or playoffs. :).

    I think he'll start...I foresee a Jeff Hornacek role for him. He's a competent help defender, and is a MONEY shooter. He's used to having plays run for him, and I think Van Gundy knows that. If he hits on those, and waits in the open space the Lewis and Howard create, he could (and probably will) have a solid career.

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    JJ Redick will have a good season. No one worked harder in his four years at Duke than him. In half of his games in his senoir year he would have an IV put in his arm. JJ has really improved and will be a quality product of Mike Krzyzewski.

    GO DUKE!

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    I believe that J.J Redick will have a better year with Stan Van Gundy as the coach because Brian Hill is a defensive minded coach and for some reason didn't like him. He would complement the pieces around him

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    As a Magic fan, I hope he gets more playing time. We really need a shooter in the line-up. Hedo's OK. It'll all come down to what Van Gundy runs the team.

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    Don't expect him to become an instant all star.

    By mid season he should be a solid starter.

    Sharing the ball with Rashad Lewis and D-Howard won't be easy, but he could become the third option pretty easily.

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    My congrats to Magic and Magic followers for a great season that they had a great run and that i needed them to win the championship yet whats up you won't have the capacity to win all of them... Congrats to Lakers fan you men ultimately have been given your championship after a great season :)

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    summer league is a poor indication of the upcoming season. most of the significant nba players don't participate in the summer league. i think redick is gonna be on the bench all year. again

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    if they trade JJ i will not be happy

    he will come good because players of his intelligence and shooting stroke are hard to find.

    he brings something diferent to the game.

    he will have an alright year, probably get some more minutes but dont expect anything spectaculer yet...

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    Neither. He'll retain his role as a shooter who comes off the bench, to, well, shoot.

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