How many of the people crying about corporations?

Realize that they're griping about it on a Yahoo!© server, using an Intel© powered computer, running a Microsoft© operating system, on a Comcast© connection, while sipping a drink made by Coca Cola©? Granted, some people might have to replace Microsoft© with Apple©, or various other changes, but the point is the same. Just what would your lives be like without all of these 'evil', greedy, corporations?


lltrix, get a little perspective. If we unburdened ourselves of these evil corporations, just who would make all the things I mentioned? The Government? If the government made computers they would have 500 megabyte hard drives and cost $20,000. Private citizens? Where are they going to get the tools to create semiconductors or the gold for pathways? Why, you would need a whole bunch of people working together for that, we could call it 'incorporating', and the end product, a 'corporation'! What a novel idea!

The fact is that you can't create modern products with mom and pop shops, there are too many variables. American technology is the best in the world (the entire world uses Microsoft technology, that's why Bill Gates is so rich), is because we allow our corporations so much freedom. That freedom leads to benefits for us all, and if you can't see that, I can't help you.

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    I actually don't cry about them cause they do a lot of good in the world and bad. It's a matter of whether they are being responsible citizens back to those customers and the community that made them what they are.

    Examples of Bad: Enron, discrimination, too many political affiliations on a national level (local support I'm find with, national is pushing it), polution, detestable practices (whether it's lousy customer service or just bad product delivery in general), insider trading, corruption and corporate white collar crimes of theft (that leave hard working people without pensions).

    Examples of Good: Walmart in New Orleans after Katrina hit was one of the few places people could go to for supplies, and in light of it the store opened it's doors and started handing out free food, blankets, water, and everything it could. IN fact Walmart tried to have other places send in free water and other needs, and it was FEMA that stopped them from doing it. When the big Tsunami hit overseas, FedEx worked with other corporations to motivate every intercontinental plane in it's fleet to get aid to the victims, and did it within 24 hours. Corporations amassed over $50 million overnight in aid to the Tsunami victims. Meanwhile it took our government almost a month and a half to hand over $5 million.

    List of Good, Responsible Corporations: Timberland, 3M, Georgia-Pacific, Verizon's not shabby, Home Depot, FedEx, Dell, etc.

    Btw, my computer's an Alienware, which is actually a minority-owned (Hispanic-owned I believe) mid-sized company that specializes in comptuers for gaming and other similar high-powered editing and graphics work. And I'm drinking tap water. Can you live a life without any corporations? No, but can you pick and choose and not live your life entirely by corporations? Sure.

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    Wow, I can't think of a better way to say this so... YOU ARE STUPID! By your own rules shouldn't you invest with Bernie Madoff? He promised a 10% return on investments, and he paid that for many years. I guess the SEC was just another liberal plot to stop wealth growth and prevent great Americans from making a profit. He was a great capitalist to. Creating wealth is suppose to be by hard work and initiative, new ideas and advancements. To you a scam or moving money around in a circle is great success. Other countries are much more profitable because they believe in work, science and product improvement to be competitive. You probably think Enron was just a good business plan killed by liberals! Time to wake up and stop rewarding this idiotic shell game ripoff by corporations on Americans, and start creating wealth by progress instead.

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    It's the control corporations have over the government that many of us object to.

    You know thankfully there are some corporate giants who do understand the importance of how they aquired their fortune and who they have gotten rich off of and WANT to give back to the consumer like Warren Buffet!

    What a generous and totally appreciative human being!

    All of these big business people forget that without the consumer they would be just people with a few fancy gadgets!

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    To hear liberals whine about it, one would swear that not a single lefty runs a corporation, let alone owns stock in one.

    In some ways, a corporation is kind of like the government - the people (or stockholders) hold the power. But most people whine about the evils of corporations while padding their retirement accounts with investments in said corporations. If enough people got pissed, the admittedly outrageous salaries would end. Unfortunately, just like with our government, people don't really want to do anything - they just want to *****.

    Good post.

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    lltrix explained my anger with big money better then I could and I agree with her 100%. Let me add that where I work the CEO use to make 50 times my hourly wage. Now he makes like 500%. Its contract time and once again the company is asking the labor to give more/take less, but if the CEO gave up 1 years worth of his pay and benifts package and gave it to the employees it would cover the 800 people in my plant for 3 years and we'd get a raise. How is that not greed aproching the point of evil. I like what corporations give me, but their power and influence is getting out of control. Who is going to protect me from this kind of greed. I don't have the same resources.

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    But the corporations take the money, and do all these corporation things, that are like evil, and stuff, and we like need to fight the corporations, except Starbucks and GAP, by holding a huge music festival! And we'll fight the corporations by smoking out and drinking bottled water and smoking out some more. Cause like, the corporations are SO evil, and stuff.

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    The thing that we don't like about corporations is the control that they have over the government. Fascism is defined by Mussolini as corporatism (When corporations rule the land).

    They have a vested interest in keeping some major problems instead of fixing them.

    A free market is good, and capitalism is good, but you need to regulate these things as demanded by the constitution, so that they don't become the major power. Especially with monopolies. Anti-trust laws can fix a lot of this. We need to have stronger anti-trust laws on the media, because we are only hearing the voice of large corporations at this point, and we should be hearing many voices.

    Glen Beck agrees with me about this. Are you a Glen Beck fan? Just because the liberals are against something doesn't mean that it is good. If you think that, you are being ignorant.

    Source(s): "Fascism should more properly be called corporatism, since it is the merger of state and corporate power" - Benito Mussolini (fascist dictator of Italy)
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    I thought it was funny in the 2004 election John Kerry's wife was so against Corporate America, yet she got her money from the Heinz Ketchup CORPORATION. Talk about contradiction.

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    they all get ragged on by the libs for the decadent greed and having to pay "NO taxes" due to the corporate friendly Bush administration. yet they make our lives fuller and if we're smart, pad our retirement accounts.

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    Dude, there is plenty to gripe about corporations. This is a very real issue. Look how much control they have over our political process and how they pretty much get whatever they want passed in government over the rights of the people. Look at how dependent we are on them. My god, that's the point. We couldn't uncorporate ourselves if we tried. But the other point is that they should be controlled by our government who is supposed to represent the people not the corporation, and not be allowed to have everything they want. Let's put it this way. The corporations have the money, they buy the politician. The politician runs for office and is pretty much already chosen for us by the corporate media and how much money he or she gets from corporations. And, then we the people are given the illusion that we have a choice. Get real. This is much deeper issue than just griping about it. It goes to the fabric of our system and our Constitution.

    Proud Marine Wife...... You just made my entire point.

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