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Do you think that Mirthala Salinas should be fired?

She's the girlfriend of Mayor Antonio Villar (Villaraigosa). She's has a history of sleeping with politicians while reporting about them. She slept with Speaker of the Assembly Fabian Nunez and former City Council President Alex Padilla, who is now a state senator. I heard that Telemundo is planning on suspending her for two months with no pay. What a joke of judgment. More distinguished reporters have been fired for a lot less.

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    It is true that most journalist who had a credible image in reporting news have been fired. But it seems that in the 21th century none of such ideals can cause this wretched female to loose her job. One can only see how the corporate personnel in the Telemundo/NBC Network deal with such lack of Integrity/discipline. There are sources that state that the decision is taken due to other interest that Telemundo/NBC has plans?? With wretched female like her, she should be left without any option for coming back to the station and not even be hired as a reporter. Instead she should just pack up an disappear out of site at a job more to her lifestyle image since this incident. But off course there are those individuals that will say Au Contraire, Mon Ami(e)! It sounds more like a fifties song "RUN AROUND SUE (MIRTALA/MIRTHALA)"; that can identify Mirtala Salinas bed hopping in the political arena. The only difference is that you will be crying for getting something transferable!!! Beware of the SHEWOLF (MIRTALA/MIRTHALA)! Those who the meaning will understand what is meant by it.

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    Most Journalists should be fired. Virtually all skew the facts to sell their stories.

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