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Bonds Chase of 756, A-Rods 500th, or Beckham in the MLS?

Which is the most important story to you?

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    A Rods 500th. It means there is a chance that Bonds and his cheating stupid dumb butt* can be surpassed by someone who knows what he's doing.

    *Not intended wording. Just so I'm not reported.

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    I think the most important story to me is Bonds Chase of 756. This is the most important story to me because even though he has been getting criticized for using Steroids, he has done some great things. Bonds has had 3000 less at-bats, which is pretty amazing, and also it took Bonds 200 less games. Even though he used steroids, i think it is still amazing what he will accomplish.

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    Bonds obviously

    we all know a-rod will be one of the if not the best hitter ever.

    But when Bonds breaks the record

    His name will be in the paper on the headlines

    Not A-rod

    And Beckham needs to give all his money back to the LA Galaxy

    If i was the owner of them i would be pretty pissed

  • 1 decade ago

    Bonds by far!

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