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Good Fantasy Football Team?

What do you guys think of this fantasy football team?

Qb's- John Kitna, Jake Delhomme

RB'- Larry Johnson, Deangelo Williams, Ronnie Brown

WR's- Drew Bennett, Santana Moss, Calvin Johnson, Steve Smith

TE's- Tony Gonzalez, Owen Daniels

K- Matt Stover

DST- Green Bay Packers, Eagles


Hey guys Brett Favre is still a free agent in my league. Should i drop one of my QB's and pick him up?

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    Lets begin shall we:

    QB - This is horrible. Kitna has no offense and no offense line to protect him. Granted he has Williams and the rookie Johnson who is highly overrated. Delhomme is under a lot of pressure to preform this year. He needs to have a big year, in order to keep David Carr on the bench. If Delhomme faulters, you could see Delhomme a second string QB.

    RB - This is your best spot. Johnson is going to be good once he gets on the field. The chiefs need him on the field for their team to be good. Williams is going to be a huge problem this year. Last I heard Foster was 1st on the depth chart and that could be a 2 running back place. Try getting Norwood in FA if you can. Brown is the only offense in MIA. Even though they got Green, Brown needs to have a huge year for them to be successful. He is a good choice.

    WR - After Smith you have real troubles at WR. Johnson hasn't proven himself and i doubt Kitna will get him the ball as much as everybody thinks he will. Bennett is going to be the 5th option on the Rams offense. That isn't good for a 3rd string receiver. Moss has no QB to throw to him in WASH. Cambell might have an ok year at the most, but its not going to be likely Moss will put up numbers he did with Brunell.

    TE - One of the best in the game, and a huge up and comer. Daniels should have a huge year with new QB Schaub in Texas. He is going to be one of his favorite targets down inside the 20, and should be worth his weight in gold in FF.

    K - Its a kicker

    DEF - Its a struggle there also. The Eagles are your best option though. Even though they are getting old and worn out, they are going to be more solid than Green Bay. Green Bay has their days, but if they go up against a huge offense, they are going to struggle.

    Overall I give it a 7/10. You have a good solid core of players that is making good this season. I just see problems at QB and WR. Also your team is made up of a lot of the players on the same team. Especially with your WR combo. If Delhomme is having a bad week, most likely so is Smith. Also on the bye week with Carolina, you won't have that many troubles, but with 3 guys out, and probably 2 starts it could be troublesome. I might try and trade Johnson for a better WR. He has huge fantasy value, and you might get more for him. Also you might want to upgrade your QB. If you pair Kitna with a guy like Williams, you might get somebody along the lines of Eli Manning, Big Ben, somebody like that. Its a good team, but there will be some trades you need to make it work. I see you finishing somewhere around 4th or so. Larry Johnson will carry you most of the year unless he gets injured, then your team will fall quickly.

    Good luck!!

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    I think you are going to have a hard time scoring points.

    Delhomme is a good QB but he throws alot of INT's. Kitna should not be a starter in any league

    Johnson is a risky pick up this year because he is on holdout for a new contract and Priest Holmes is in training camp. Rumors out of KC is that he will be traded before the season starts. Your other two RB are okay. You wonder about Brown behind a weak offensive line and an aging QB in the backfield with him.

    Your WR are clearly the strength of your team but how is your scoring going to be ran. I would drop your daniels from your TE and one of your defenses and pick up a few players on free agency that you may be able to use to trade for a better QB or a good second RB.

    Good Luck

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    You need either Williams or brown to have a break out year, because your QB's are average at best. See if JP Loosman, or maybey even Trent Green are ou there

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    Great team. 9/10. I don't like you QB's.

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