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What is the best natural remedy for Hot Flashes?

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    The best way to beat a hot flash is naturally. Hot flashes have a lot to do with the low levels of estrogen in your body, but other factors can cause your temperature control to go out of whack. Recent studies show that medication is not always helpful. Instead of estrogen therapy, look at less drastic measures first, partly because estrogen therapy is not known to be safe for women with a history of breast cancer—but also because you should always begin with the least aggressive approach to treating your menopausal symptoms.

    If you can identify the things that trigger your hot flashes, you've made the first step in getting the upper hand. Keep a record of when they occur and what you were eating or doing, or how you were feeling at the time. Many women find that stress tops the charts as a trigger. Was that hot flash in the boardroom a random hit, or were you feeling under pressure at the time? Was it a full day of pressure without a break?

    Solution: Ease the pressure. Give yourself more time to plan your work, to rehearse your presentation, to deliver your assignments, to arrive where you're going. If you are doing a series of presentations, give yourself a chance to relax and cool off between sessions. And plan your schedule so you avoid meetings or decision making when you're most likely to be in a sweat.

    Other hot flash triggers:

    * alcohol

    * caffeine

    * diet pills

    * spicy food

    * hot food

    * hot tubs

    * saunas

    * hot showers

    * hot beds

    * hot rooms

    * hot weather

    * smoking

    * Dress in layers, so you can peel off one layer after another as you get warmer.

    * Don't wear wool, don't wear synthetics, and be wary of silk. That leaves cotton, linen, rayon, and more cotton. (Look at the bright side: You'll save on cleaning bills, and you can stop worrying about moths.)

    * Avoid turtlenecks. Stick to open-neck shirts.

    * Keep ice water at hand that you can sip to cool down your insides.

    * Where possible, lower the thermostat. Maybe it's time for a decent air conditioner or a ceiling fan. Or maybe you'd prefer one of those little hand-held battery-operated fans or the foldable kind you flutter in front of your face. You can find perfectly adequate paper fans for about a dollar.

    * Wear cotton pajamas or a nightgown. If you perspire a lot at night, your nightclothes are easier to change than the sheets.

    * Use cotton sheets only, not synthetics.

    * Get a bigger bed if you and your partner are on different heat planets but you still want to stay in close orbit.

    * Take a cool shower before bed.

    * Try a mild medication like Tylenol

    * Arrive at meetings early so that you can get the coolest seat.

    * Use your freezer liberally. A number of women talked about opening the freezer at home (or in the supermarket) and sticking their head in when a hot flash hits.

    Lifestyle changes to alleviate hot flashes

    Exercise: Increasing your level of activity (for example, taking the stairs instead of the elevator) can reduce hot flashes and have a positive impact on just about every other symptom attributed to menopause and growing older, including:

    * insomnia

    * mood swings

    * eroded self-image

    * loss of libido

    * fatigue

    * elevated cholesterol levels

    * heart, bone, and muscle health.

    Relaxation and stress reduction: It isn't unusual to have trouble dealing with stress, especially if you've undergone treatment for breast cancer. You may find that one of the following techniques will help you minimize the devastating effects of stress on your body:

    * relaxation exercises

    * breathing exercises

    * meditation

    * visualization

    * massage

    * hypnosis

    * yoga

    * biofeedback techniques.

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    I think you have a number of options to help ease your hot flashes thru natural methods. You can use a natural progesterone creme and you should look for a creme that contains 1000mg of USP progesterone per 2 ounce jar.You should also try to find one that contains no preservatives and additives if possible.You should also try to eliminate caffeine, alcohol, and spicy foods from your diet or at least as much as possible.You should also try to reduce your stress as well.Exercise has been shown to help reduce hot flashes. You can also try adding some calcium to your regimen if you are not already taking one. The one that I use is called Intracal. This is a calcium orotate, which delivers calcium straight to the cells.

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    Here are a few good Chinese herb pix; it depends how severe the hot flashes are as to what herbs you use.

    Paeonia lactiflora-bai shao-White peony

    Moistens and smoothes the Liver while building and purifying blood. Peony root is a famous and highly prized longevity herb. It is an eminent woman's herb used to regulate the hormonal cycle and stabilize emotions. It relieves cramps and spasms anywhere in the body.

    Rehmannia glutinosa-shu di huang

    A Kidney tonic and longevity herb and is found in "anti-aging" formulations for longevity, and rejuvenation. It is a first-class blood tonic and benefits sexual functions in men and women.

    Leonorus cardiaca-Motherwort

    Motherwort is valuable in the treatment of female reproductive weaknesses and disorders such as PMS and menopausal disorders. It dispels nervous irritability, inducing calmness to the whole nervous system.

    Cynanchum atratum-bai wei-Swallowwort Root

    Relieves hot flashes and night sweats.

    Salvia officinalis-Sage

    Sage is an amazing rejuvenation herb that fortifies the endocrine system, respiratory system, nervous system, and immune system. It is invaluable in women's health as it balances hormones, reverses infertility and addresses menopausal issues such as night sweats and hot flashes.

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    Ok are you ready? This is what I do, I take Black Chosh, Omega 3, Evening Prim Rose. CQ10, plus a multi vitamin. I get up in the morning and go for a 1mile1/2 walk with 3lbs weights.around a cotton field. Would you be willing to try this?

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    Soy milk

    Dong Quai

    Hot flashes are regarded by the medical profession as deficiency of estrogen and can be triggered by a variety of stimulants such as:

    • Spicy food (cayenne, ginger, pepper)

    • Acidic foods (pickles, citrus, tomatoes)

    • Hot drinks

    • Caffeine (coffee, black tea, cola, chocolate)

    • Alcoholic drinks, including wine and beer

    • White sugar

    • Hydrogenated or saturated fats (meat, margarine)

    • Stress

    • Hot weather

    • Hot tubs and saunas

    • Tobacco or marijuana

    • Intense exercise, especially lovemaking

    • Anger, especially if you can’t express it

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    I have heard via TV infomercial that flax seed is great for menopausal symptoms. Course you have to buy the book for $39.95, but it sounds wonderful. Anybody out there know anything about this book and its remedies with secret food ingredients? It's called "Secret Food Cures". i.e. guacamole for lowering cholesterol (high in antioxidants and Omega 9 oil), garbanzo beans for brown spots, "jungle punch" (?) for mental fatigue, champagne & chocolate mix for great exfoliantion, etc. The list goes on and on? Anybody know anything? Worth $40?

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    Natural progesterone is extracted from the Mexican Wild Yam Root and is available in several different forms. It can be taken transdermally by using creams and patches, in nasal spray or in pill form.

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    This stopped my hot flashes in 3 days!!!! It's cheap and I get it at my grocery store or at this site. I take 2 capsules with dinner each night.

    My ND prescribed it to me. Had this not worked, he suggested Black Cohosh.

    GOOD LUCK!!!! :)

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    I have hot flashes night sweats wight gained home reamd

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