pl inform any good web address for job searching?

need job

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    just find something your interested in (if your a teenager then you may be interested in something like subway or burger king)when you do type in the companys name in the search engine and it will give you some sites about that company go into the official website and hit job applications print it then fill it out and give it to the employer good luck with getting the job and i hope you understand what im explaining

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    1 decade ago

    no blog spot is legit. guaranteed scam. There are ways to make money working online from home, but you won't get rich off them and they're hard to find. Most everything that people advertise are scams anyway. I found a site stopinternetscams .net that someone posted on here and it's pretty helpful. It tells some of the newest scams and ways to make money online that aren't fake. It's just an info site and doesn't sell anything either.

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