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Lobbying and earmark reform passed, what do you think?

"This bill isn't nearly as tough as it would have been on earmarks if Republicans had been involved in writing it," McConnell said. "But weighing the good and the bad, many provisions are stronger than current law."

Now i must ask, if the Republicans controlled both chambers for 12 years, how can a Republican now say if they were writing it, it would have been tougher, since they did nothing???

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    Both parties try to implement 'reforms' that will help them more than the other party or hurt the other party more than them.

    Now that the Dems are in control you're going to see a lot of reversals by Repubs. Suddenly they will decide that campaign financing reform and lobbying reform was needed after all 8^) Suddenly they will once again decide they favor term limits and other 'anti-incumbency' measures, as they did when they were in the minority position before.

    As I say, both parties are almost irretrievably corrupt, but the Republicans are worse. They make a much better minority party because they really do keep the Democrats in check, but when the Republicans get in control the Democrats are powerless against them.

    This is why Clinton, for all his faults, was more honest and did a better job for the American people than Bush is doing. With no serious opposition, the Bush admin. was able to sink into a mire of fraud and corruption and crime.

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    I would have to say because they are the biggest liars known to man. They complain about a controlling government (big government), but when they get into office everything in the government is OVERLY controlled by them. They can't say it would have been tougher, because it wouldn't have been. Their party has been the elite party when it has come to catering to lobbyists and corporate interest. If they controlled how this bill was written, there would be no bill. As long as corporate interest keeps lining their pockets they'll continue to snuff ethics at every turn. I hate to say it, but take a look at who was writing the legislation for the environment when they were in control: oil lobbyists, the timber industry, other energy corporations. That alone shows where their hearts lie (lie being the key word). They have allowed big business to have it's way with every piece of legislation passed, until now. Now they will actually have to be held accountable when they are using earmarks to fund corporate causes and take advantage of our tax dollars like they have. Why do you think the Republicans like tax cuts for the wealthy? It's not because more jobs are being created, it's because these lobbyists are paying them more money, because when they give them tax cuts they have more money to spend. Think about it, would you trust a wolf to watch your sheep? I wouldn't.

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    Congress is the best at embedding loopholes in every piece of legislation. These so called representatives are common theives and they have no intention of changing regardless of the swiss cheese legislation they draft.

  • Because the Democrats can never take a compromise.

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